What You Want Vs What You Need Capricorn

    What you want:

    Capricorn, in a relationship, you want a highly independent person who leaves you your space and does not overwhelm you more than other things already overwhelm you. You do not want a relationship to be a burden for you to carry on your back, so you excellent value that it is independent. You want a person who reflects all the things that you would like to be, which will motivate you to fight to be the person you want to be. For you, Capricorn, those totally superficial relationships and do not have much future mean anything. You want a successful person so that you can also value your success as you deserve. You want someone who is passionate about their work and their life in general. You want them to make you live to love, but that love means stability, tranquility, and trust. You want a long-lasting relationship.

    What you need:

    What you really need, Capricorn is a person who allows you to explore in your own freedom, who pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and explore among the things you really like. You need a very ambitious person who wants to make plans for the future with you but is also clear about what he wants and what he does not want in the future. You need someone who can help you anytime you need it and knows how to value your help. It would help if you also had much sincerity in your relationship. It would be best if you felt that your relationship is the best in the world and that everything you have worked on is paying off little by little. Feel that your efforts are worth it. You need a person with values, who is responsible, takes the relationship seriously, and has mutual trust.