When Capricorn Goes Crazy

    When Capricorn gets crossed and gets angry, it is because you have crossed the lines. Although Capricorn gets angry quickly, he will show it very rarely. Only when crossing the limits is when Capricorn will see itself with the right to express itself. And it will be there when he breaks everything around him, and he will criticize everything you imagine and more and can even cause emotional wounds. Capricorn gets angry a few times, but when he gets angry, he does it but well. And if you make Capricorn angry, it will be because you have given him reasons for it; Capricorn does not get angry out of nowhere. And one of the reasons that annoy him the most are disappointment, lies, and dishonesty.

    It is true that Capricorn is that type of person who, when you ask him if he is angry, responds with an 'I'm not angry, I'm disappointed, and he is not lacking in reason.

    What Is the Defect and Virtue of the Pisces And it will be there when you realize that Capricorn is more right than a saint. That Capricorn has much genius, I will not deny it, but that genius does not come from anywhere. And when he's furious, it can make you feel terribly wrong about yourself, but you've earned it. The truth is that sometimes it goes a bit over the line and reaches somewhat severe limits. In those moments, he lacks a bit of self-control and empathy with the person who is suffering. But I warn you, whoever plays with Capricorn does not expect to be unharmed.