Which Are the Hidden Secrets of the Capricorn Girl

    No.1 Her heart hides from the world and NOT from love.

    When you meet Capricorn, the first thing that sticks to you and strikes you the most is the secrecy he transmits. Capricorn knows that his presentation label is cold and firm, and he likes it that way because, in one way or another, this is like a protective shield so that there is no pain. Capricorn does not want to be disappointed, which may be why it is always in slow mode, sometimes preparing for the worst, so disappointment hurts less. But it is enough to insist and persist in seeing in his gaze something different, something warm, something that draws attention: Capricorn's heart does want love; it is his head that prevents it.

    No.2 She reveals very little to herself.

    Capricorn does not feel comfortable when he talks about his private life. For him to do so, many doses of closeness, friendship, love, trust, and loyalty are needed as a minimum. What Are the Stereotypes of Sagittarius That You Should Know

    No.3 Your insecurities are hard enough to calm.

    Oddly enough, it is so. Capricorn fights a lot against his insecurities, and it may even cost him much more than others. The reason against heart fights in Capricorn's life is sometimes relatively continuous because he does not trust others; he does not trust until he does. He sees everything clearly, and it is a triumph for him to let himself be loved, to let himself be cared for, to do it with his eyes closed, and to trust that this time it will turn out well.

    No.4 Love the small details without importance.

    It is said that she likes shopping, that she spends too much and that sometimes she puts the material before many other things. Well, yes, what are you going to do? Capricorn likes to spend what he has worked for, working hard for something. Who does not like this, door, because Capricorn is responsible enough to know what if. What not, in what way, now, give a Capricorn woman a gift that cannot be bought and has a lot of sentimental and gets ready, because she can make her fall in love.

    No.5 He has a very sharp sixth sense.

    She could be a witch who would never be suspected because she carries the mystery in her blood. Capricorn knows how to act alone, without saying anything to anyone, with her intelligence and cunning to reach limits that no one reaches. Suspect to get it right, intuit to get closer to the truth, and rarely fail. Hardly ever. Why Sagittarius Has Too Soft Heart

    No.6 Sometimes, he lives to work and does not work to live.

    That said, Capricorn can be materialistic and can spend, can love money, can save, and be responsible all at the same time. Still, it is because Capricorn always works hard, always. Capricorn knows that effort and perseverance have their fruits. Still, there are times when it reaches limits that it should not, ignoring its signs of maximum fatigue and continuing and giving everything, even if it dies of sleep.

    No.7 His reason fights too much against his heart

    To the point of hurting herself, without wanting to, without looking for it, Capricorn feels much more than it seems. It possibly has more human warmth than many people who supposedly give it away, even around the corners.