Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Capricorn Sign

    What characterizes you, Capricorn is the idea you have about success. Your main goal in life is to achieve success; for you, it is like a priority. You have achieved many things thanks to your effort and your perseverance. Still, sometimes, you put too much pressure on yourself due to those high expectations. To such an extent, you can get overwhelmed, lose your nerves, feel like you're drowning, and can't keep going.

    Capricorn is okay to be an ambitious person who aspires to achieve success with your own hands. Still, it is essential to know where the limits are and how far you can go physically.

    But all this is due to your insecurities and your fear of failure. For you, Capricorn, failure is the worst thing that could happen to you. Not only would you disappoint others, but you would disappoint yourself, which is your worst nightmare for you. You are afraid that others will not see you as a strong and fighter person. You are afraid that they will see you as useless, as someone who does not follow their dreams. And because of that, you push yourself too hard, and sometimes you try too hard without even realizing it. You are physically and mentally exhausted, and you don't realize it. Why Sagittarius Lost Interest in You

    When things are not 100% perfect, you start to fade little by little, to be less proud of your achievements, and to withdraw more into yourself.

    Nobody is perfect, and everyone has their flaws. But, Capricorn, it is essential that you work and learn to remove that fear of failure and failure gradually. Also, you know perfectly well that the one who makes an effort and the one who works is the one who, in the end, ends up having everything they want. And you, precisely you, are a person who tries very hard, so indeed, in the end, life has something perfect for you. But out of fear, out of insecurities. You will achieve everything you set your mind to, so be proud of yourself and value yourself for who you are and not for what you would like to be.