Which Sign Can Be the Best Valentine for Capricorn

    On February 14, Venus enters the sky of Capricorn, ready to make your life a little easier and more beautiful. But all that glitters is not gold, and unfortunately, we not only depend on a planet, but we are, a reckoning of all the astrological movements that make up the heavens. And there are obstacles: Mars can make things very complicated.

    The advice for this February 14 is that you will have to keep a cool head in everything you do, Capri, in EVERYTHING, and you should not say anything that you may later regret.

    When Does Gemini Finds Their Love Of course, this is all quite complicated for a sign like you. You can't bite your tongue, much less when you know you shouldn't. But it is not about that, but about adopting another way of doing things. In the end, when you break up and say everything, you think you end up regretting the forms, and in fact, you also think why you have to put yourself like that when the rest do not care a bit. Control those "desire" to fight. If you are in a relationship, you will realize what the word Karma means. Everything in life comes back, both what you do and what they do to you. So, watch and see how it applies. If you haven't found love yet, be careful about your emotional ties. It may be a little more tense than usual. And not because it is this day, much less because of love. But take care of the people who are close and do not create unnecessary conflicts, Capri. Seriously, it doesn't suit you right now. It is true that many times it is others who bite, but now you must have control over yourself. Which Sign Can Be the Best Valentine for Gemini

    Your best compatibility with the signs for Valentine's Day:

    Taurus: Talk things over; when you are well, EVERYTHING flows. Capricorn: It even seems dangerous, but it won't be; sometimes, you just have to get carried away without thinking so much about the future. When you least expect it, you will take a lifetime. Aquarius: Either yes or no, or all or nothing. That is sometimes a problem for these two, but not today. Pisces: Everything goes from more minor to more here. They will build a strong team.