Why Capricorn Can't Let Go?

    It would be best if you had much patience to see how the goat lets go, a minor miracle from heaven. A lot, much faith in Capricorn, because for not letting go, not letting the flies go inside your home Just kidding, Capricorn, in reality, does not let go of the fear of LONELINESS. He does not let go because he does not want to get home and be in silence without anyone to talk to, he does not let go because he does not want his circle of friends to be empty, he does not let go out of fear of silence, for fear of having to say goodbye when you don't want to. He knows that many people hurt him; some he can banish if he takes courage, but not others. Capricorn does not banish them because they have been part of his life, an essential part, and the goat is terrified of having to fire them forever. Tips on How Aries Can Improve Their Relationship He knows that they are not good; he can have much better company. Still, Capricorn there is exclusively set up to play sucks safe ground because the uncertainty of what will happen when I am left alone terrifies him much more than anything. Capricorn, when he has to say goodbye, imagines himself in a room, cold, huge, with nothing and nobody, wanting to go out, without doors, without windows, and suffocates just thinking about it. Before you let go, you want to try everything. Before going ahead and slamming the door with everything he's clinging to, he wants to know with complete certainty that he is not making a mistake, that he will not be left with anything because the goat with empty hands and without a fixed course is something like that Like a bomb about to explode. The goat is not the most demonstrative person on earth, but deep down, it needs much more to others than it would like to recognize; it is the truth.