Why Capricorn Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    You've been feeling like everything is falling apart lately, Capricorn. You feel that the days weigh you more than usual; sometimes, you feel like giving up and throwing everything away. You know very well that you are an influential person, but now you don't even feel like moving forward. It's been a few days when you don't even recognize yourself, but you don't feel like doing anything to fix it either. You feel like you've lost what little faith you had left in humanity. It even misses you because you know you are not like that; you are not one of those who throws in the towel at the slightest change. You are not one to give up when you see that something does not go your way.

    Lately, you feel weird even in those moments. You don't really know what is happening, but everything has a reason.

    Why Pisces Has Feeled Off That You Should Know And that reason is the moon. Although it may be hard to believe, this is all due to the moon. The full moon of October 9 has been the culprit that you have felt this way. So, blame it on the moon. But it is also true that from day 9, you have begun to feel brutal energy, and it has made you see life differently. Although you still have problems and issues to solve, you feel the strength and courage to solve them as soon as possible. You are a very fighter person, which is noticeable now more than ever. And believe it or not, that energy will also manifest itself in wanting to do something new, wanting to plan a trip, wanting a change of scenery. You feel like you need to renew yourself a bit and disconnect from this routine. But remember, first, it is essential to solving all those issues you have on your hands.