Why Capricorn Lost Interest in You

    If Capricorn lost interest in you, it was because you didn't know how to keep their attention. First, you have to know that Capricorn is a very ambitious person who has a thousand plans for the future and a thousand things they would like to do. He is always looking for something more, he is not a conformist person, and he is always dreaming big.

    Capricorn wants to reach the top of the podium, whether in work, in love, or in their development.

    Capricorn always has a thousand things to do, and you have to know that you will not be their main priority. For Capricorn, love and relationships are always on the back burner. Although he is in love with you, there are many more things that also matter to him. If you want him to keep his interest in you, you have to be willing to take his rhythm of life, which, to begin with, is not at all calm. Tips on How Aquarius Can Improve Their Relationship
    If Capricorn has lost interest in you, it has been because you have done nothing to try to maintain it. It's hard to keep Capricorn's attention, and it's effortless to lose it. You have to give Capricorn what he is 'asking for' from minute 1. Neither before nor much less after. If you want him to be interested in you, you have to know how to respect that control he likes to have over everything around him. And you also have to live up to their aspirations and goals.
    Capricorn's interest as it comes; you can go. If he lost interest in you, it is because he already had too many things in his life, and you did not know how to overcome them to become his priority. Capricorn's life is so busy that you have to know how to make a hole in it. It is not easy, we already warned you, and if you did not know how to do what you should have done, it was your fault.