Why Capricorn Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    Capricorn prefers to be alone in a bad company because it is difficult for you to find a person with whom you connect 100%. You have a hard time trusting someone, and if you do not find that connection from the first moment, it will be difficult for you to come to trust fully.

    You do not believe in love at first sight. Still, if you believe in the energies that these people transmit to you and if they transmit a terrible vibe to you from the first moment, we are going wrong.

    It is also true that it is rare that you get along with someone from the first moment and that until you do not know someone well, you do not give them your vote of confidence. It is also very strange that you are the one who takes the first step and invites the other person to make plans together, and for that reason, you prefer to be alone. Leaving your comfort zone for you is VERY complicated. In the end, the only thing that interests you has security. What You Want Vs What You Need Libra It is not that you want to be like this all your life. You don't mind spending time alone because you feel comfortable in that solitude at the end of the day. You know that in the end, you will end up falling in love at the moment when you least want it. Still, you are not going to go after anyone, or you are going to despair for not finding that person. Also, you are a person who is very concerned about his ambitions and his future, and you would rather worry about that than worry about finding love.
    You would rather be alone than waste your time with someone simply because you are in love. You know that you still have much time to live life and that the perfect time to fall in love will come. And also your pace of life is relatively fast and not suitable for impatient people. You have many dreams, but it is clear that love will never be a priority for you.