Why Capricorn's Heart Is Too Soft

    When your heart tells you to distance yourself, Capricorn, you listen to him and push him away. You walk away as far as possible, as fast as possible, and further. You pay much attention to your intuitions and much more to the signals of your heart. And when he tells you to be happy? You ignore him, and you know it. Because? Because you have been through a lot of Capricorn, you are a person who has suffered a lot for that very reason, for his heart, for keeping him safe, so that he does not soften, so that he does not suffer and that no one can play with him. That is why you have stopped paying attention; you are guided more by your reason, logic, and physical evidence.

    Your hunches linger but take a backseat when your heart is at stake.

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Libra Best Friend in Your Life Still, he can't help but soften when he sees that someone is having a hard time. Of course, he acts and is not carried away by reason. With others, he acts at the moment, but when the moment of truth arrives, and his mission is to act for and for your goat, he does not. You have an unbreakable shield, and you do not want to suffer. It is strange because if he can suffer for others, if he gives everything for his safety, for that of yours, he does not want to do it for himself. It is not that he does not want to, it is already many disappointments, and it already hurts too much. The quality of life of your Capricorn heart increases when you surround yourself with kindness and good people. Let the most essential people see the human warmth and greatness inside him and let them love you, Capricorn; let them show you their affection; your heart is safe with the people who love you. Let them show you the good in it because we believe that you don't even know it yourself. Let them take care of you and make your heart no longer fear and be the one to take care of you.