Why Does Capricorn Fear to Fall in Love

    Let them say that you are a cold person, Capricorn enters one ear, and the other comes out of one, and you know it. That they invent that you don't have a heart, the truth sweats you because people who know you know that it is a lie, but that they tell you I LOVE YOU without being authentic and that you, do not catch it and believe it is what scares you the most It can give you in a love relationship, and you know it.

    If it already costs you a lifetime to trust someone blindly just for love, imagine doing that so that it does not result in anything good later.

    It kills you many goats, and it kills you a lot to do that, to take that step to fail. It hurts your life to trust someone who turned out to be untrustworthy; for you, that could be your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, you know them first hand because it has ever happened; hence your armor today is stronger than ever. What Annoies Libra Most in a Relationship In love, you need to have a Capricorn plan, and you want everything measured and well-controlled so that no surprise factor causes havoc; for example: imagine that everything is going well with someone, and out of nowhere, you discover that someone has more secrets than what you would come to imagine. That is what scares you; that may be what slows you down the most and makes you go step by step instead of jumping into the Capricorn pool, and you know it, distrust. You hate failing your heart, and you hate to think something of someone, and then it doesn't turn out to be what you thought, goat, you can't handle it. In your case, it is not fear of love; it is fear of not being in control of your life, not controlling your emotions, and not knowing well which foot the other person is limping on, in your case. In your case, Capricorn, it is much more fear of what will come than love, and deep down, you know it.