Why Is Capricorn Unbeatable

    Why are you someone insurmountable, Capricorn? Because you have set the bar very high and you have earned the position by hand, as always. You are one of the hardest working people out there, responsible, very firm, orderly and somewhat freak of extreme control. Many criticize that point, many people get on the nerves that you are not so flexible, but it is what it is, right? They do not know that thanks to that you are where you are, they have no idea of the hard work and effort that you have always carried on your back ...

    Look Capricorn, you are and will be the greatest example of perseverance and that cannot be overcome even with the best copies on the market.

    All those people who criticize you and who do not agree with your working methods are people who deep down would miss you a lot if you left. You are their role model goat, they do not recognize it but thanks to you they know what work with responsibility is. Yes, your adventures and your unknown but intense temperament have their good part; it is evident that not everything was going to be work, but you are a very clever goat and very responsible and that is to be admired. Seriously, whoever knows you stays with you at the moment for that very reason, because they know that by your side they will not lack truth and protection.

    The void that you leave when you leave cannot be filled with anything, if you leave, your people are lost, they would not know where to go because you are their light.

    You do not like to become a protagonist on your own, but your effort makes you the star of the film always Capricorn, a true leader, someone who people admire for his work and NOT for his orders, because you respect freedom of each and every one of the people and overcome that, it is impossible.