Libra Man And Libra Woman - Compatibility In Love and Sex

    Find out how the combination of Libra and Libra natives works in love, friendship and work.

    Libra + Libra

    Libra's compatibility with Libra is quite positive. Life together is calm, colorful and lively. They seem to have time for everything and their lives unfold at their own pace. But Libra has some difficulty talking about his feelings that, in a romantic relationship, can end in some superficiality.

    Libra Astral Profile and its Compatibilities

    Libra is the zodiac sign that is most associated with relationships, especially romantic ones. Social interaction is at the center of the nature of this sign and relationships are the means by which it expresses itself naturally. For this native, relationships are so important that the harmonious development of his personality, whether in the love, family or professional aspect, depends largely on the quality of the relationships he promotes. According to Astrology, Libra has a natural compatibility with the natives Leo, Aquarius and Gemini. Any of these signs can entertain a Libra for many hours, which for this native is halfway to physical attraction. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra and, despite this or due to their differences, they are two compatible signs. Together, they have the ability to balance and bring out the best in each other. Libra's affinity with the Water signs is not very harmonious, particularly with the natives Scorpio and Cancer, being more peaceful with Pisces. With Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the association may be less tense, but it still falls short of the point of balance that pleases and satisfies Libra.

    Libra compatibility with Libra

    Libra , is ruled by Venus , a male sign, with the most refined, civilized and diplomatic personality in the entire Zodiac. He is a bridge builder and a strategist. When two Libra natives come together, they create an atmosphere of tenderness, harmony, tolerance, and understanding. Life together is calm, colorful and lively. They seem to have time for everything and their lives unfold at their own pace. This sign has a keen sense of beauty and its home reflects that. Even if they don't have large possessions, all the details are thought out in detail. Everything connects with everything and there are no superfluous objects. For this couple, less is more. Literally. They prefer to have little, but what they do have is quality and satisfies their refined aesthetic sense. Libra needs to have beauty around him. Your environment should be welcoming, beautiful, well cared for, and useful. But above all sophisticated. Libra is the diplomat of the Zodiac. You detest unnecessary tension and conflict and avoid misunderstandings and controversies. He is often called upon to mediate conflicts and negotiate interests. He is a born negotiator who always seeks balance and consensus. In a Libra / Libra relationship, this attitude couldn't be more true. They can often override your opinion and forget your individual goals in favor of the proper functioning of the relationship. Libra has a strong mental component in his way of facing life and, at the same time, his greatest desire is to love and be loved. When you don't feel esteemed and appreciated, you become extremely vulnerable. On the less positive side of the Libra / Libra union, the lack of strength, energy and determination necessary to pursue your interests and achieve your goals stands out. These natives, outgoing and sociable by nature, can dedicate themselves to their social life in such a way that they forget the relationship of the two. On the other hand, Libra has some difficulty sharing and talking about their deepest feelings which, in a romantic relationship, can end in some superficiality. According to Astrology, the signs of the Zodiac that share the same energy charge, or Primordial Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), energize each other, while the signs of different Elements may have greater difficulty in relating to each other. Fuego follows the maxim ჴ€?it is better to travel with hope than to arriveჴ€?; Earth prefers "arrival"; Air works "according to intellect and logic"; Water follows "the ebb and flow of the tide of feelings." Together, the four Elements represent the opposites, but also the complementarity of the astrological archetypes.

    How Air Signs Are Related to Each Other

    This relationship is conversation from beginning to end. Sex would be fun if they could stop talking. Intimacy on the phone may be the solution. The combination of two people from the Air Element generates an energetic and stimulating relationship, contrary to routine and habit. This gives Aire an immediate advantage, as none of these natives want a relationship that lacks intelligent dialogue and a hectic social life. Apparently superficial, Aire needs to live a whole range of possible experiences that open up new horizons. However, this need for intellectual nourishment does not mean that the native of this Element is not interested in the more physical aspects of life. It just lacks depth. As in all other unions based on Equal Elements, their similarities allow them to have a deep understanding and mutual understanding. Thus, the Air companions appreciate and understand their mutual needs for freedom and protection of personal interests. For a one hundred percent Air relationship to work, it is essential that the disorder of the emotions never interfere with the affective life, where beauty, elegance and refinement prevail. Although it is unlikely that they will become united, an Air and Air relationship has the necessary conditions to work as long as friendship and collaboration prevail.

    Compatibilities of the Zodiac Signs in Astrology

    Affinities in relationships manifest themselves in the most varied ways and Astrology can give some clues about the way signs interact with each other. Astrology tells us that the greatest compatibilities arise when two people belong to the same astrological Element, since they share the same vision of reality and have a similar way of being. Likewise, the attraction between two opposite signs can be instantaneous and the relationship tends to be harmonious. This does not mean that there are no affinities between people belonging to signs of different Elements. Where there is love, affection and understanding, life is born. The way the relationship evolves depends on many factors, with astrological profiles being just one of them. This is the result of the astrological profiles of the signs he chose based on the compatibility analysis between temperaments, energies and characteristics. This analysis is based on general data, being valid for all types of relationships, be they love, friendship or work. A detailed and personalized study is only possible through a synastry report . Despite the fact that the profiles of the signs allow us to deduce whether they are more or less compatible with each other, only through the birth chart is it possible to make a realistic interpretation and draw authentic conclusions. Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one of them. Will, commitment, and free will determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Any relationship, regardless of the influence of the stars, can work as long as the will exists between both parties for that to happen.