Sagittarius Compatibility With Taurus in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and Trust.

Sagittarius And Taurus

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Find out how the combination between the natives of Sagittarius and Taurus works in love, friendship and work.

Sagittarius + Taurus

Taurus is possessive, sweet and loving and has a hard time understanding Sagittarius, always eager to change and embark on life’s adventures. This relationship balances the need for independence, rebellion, balance, understanding, and honesty.

Astral Profiles of Sagittarius and Taurus and their Compatibilities

Sagittarius has a laid back, friendly, and fun personality. In relationships, you can be shy, especially when it comes time to make commitments. This native appreciates honesty and freedom and is looking for a partner who values them as well. The need to be free can make you uncomfortable, especially with possessive or jealous signs. Jealousy and mistrust keep him away.

The signs that can capture the attention of Sagittarius are Aries, Leo and Aquarius, independent, energetic and, equally, adventurous personalities. A relationship between two natives of Sagittarius, on the other hand, can be short-lived as neither of them takes the step to establish a long-term commitment. Sagittarius has less affinity for Scorpio and Taurus. The adventurous Sagittarius makes the introspective Scorpio feel insecure and alienates Taurus, who needs stability and his routines. There is great sexual chemistry between Sagittarius and Virgo, but that attraction may not be enough to hold them together “until death do us part.”

Sagittarius Taurus Compatibility

Sagittarius , is a sign ruled by Jupiter , dual, highly adaptable, with two different facets of character. It is a lucky sign who does not mind sharing his good luck. Taurus , Earth sign, Fixed, ruled by the planet Venus , star that represents sensuality, the ability to give and feel pleasure. The nature of this native’s personality is resistant to change and deep down, he wants everything to be the same - forever.

The calm and homey Taurus native is fascinated by the adventurous and dreamy spirit of Sagittarius. However, Taurus wants his partner just for himself, so he may be tempted to try to keep him. But Sagittarius needs freedom and feel that the person next to him trusts him, even if they have different attitudes.

Taurus is an Earth sign; Sagittarius is a Fire sign. While Taurus seeks stability and security, Sagittarius is a dreamer full of expectations. Optimistic by nature, he relies on luck and destiny to achieve his dreams and achieve his goals in the professional, love and financial sphere.

Taurus, for his part, works hard and trusts in the value of work as a means to achieve the financial security that he so desires for his life. Sagittarius has some difficulty understanding this pessimism of Taurus since, for him, everything in life ends up being resolved and being worried, by itself, does not bring solutions.

Sexually, their fantasies are different, but Sagittarius is creative enough to stimulate Taurus and has an irresistible eroticism, which fascinates Sagittarius. They both love life, children and family. However, Sagittarius does not accept submission, so Taurus must be cautious in their observations about their lifestyle in order to create a harmonious relationship.

In a love relationship, the Taurus woman is organized and resilient, while the Sagittarius man has a great need for freedom and is always committed to his work. The Taurus woman, more reserved and dedicated to her family, may feel abandoned by her outgoing, autonomous and independent partner. Jealousy scenes may arise that Sagittarius hates. Although reasonable, this native does not allow his wings to be clipped.

In a relationship where the Sagittarius woman gets involved with a Taurus, she easily conquers him with her dynamism and joie de vivre. As long as they respect their different rhythms of life - Taurus has a very special relationship with time, and it seems that he has time to do everything at his slow pace; Sagittarius is quicker to decide and act.

If Taurus understands the free spirit of Sagittarius, if he supports his dreams and becomes a traveling companion, if he trusts and avoids scenes of jealousy; If Sagittarius spends some time at home and gives you the confidence and emotional stability that Taurus so badly needs, the relationship can work.

In either case, the couple must invest a lot in good communication. The different way they face life - Sagittarius is optimistic and Taurus is pessimistic; Sagittarius loves freedom and jumping from one place to another, Taurus loves to take root; it can force a negotiation of interests and priorities that both accept and with which they feel equally happy and satisfied.

How the Fire and Earth Signs Are Related to Each Other

In a loving relationship, the habits and routines demanded by Earth can cool the desire for Fire, which needs to be constantly nurtured. Earth has a hard time adjusting to this constant need for Fire’s exuberant passion. However, the combination of the Fire and Earth Elements results in physical attraction and intense desires. There is one more thing that plays in favor of the relationship of these natives: both are given over to gestures of tenderness and sweetness.

The effervescent, lively and nonconforming dynamism of Fuego attracts the total conventionality and prudence of Tierra. However, when in a relationship, these two Elements may have some difficulty adjusting: Earth appreciates the constancy and security of the future and Fire loves constant change and passion, so there will always be resistance, where the mundane aspects of Earth suffocate the intense desires of Fire, which lives and breathes for the present moment.

If Earth tries to ensure a relationship with Fire at all costs, the life of this Element ends up being sucked out and Fire is convinced that Earth, little by little, takes away its strength, ending up claiming the routine and monotony of the relationship. This can stimulate the explosive qualities of Fire, possibly resulting in anger and irritability. Consequently, Earth will try to contain such eruptions, or it will be completely repelled. If neither manages to come to terms with the opposite, the unconscious will intervene and the “ideal” relationship will crumble.

According to Astrology, the signs of the Zodiac that share the same energy charge, or Primordial Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), energize each other, while the signs of different Elements may have greater difficulty in relating to each other. Fuego follows the maxim “it is better to travel with hope than to arrive”; Earth prefers the “arrival”; Air works “according to intellect and logic”; Water follows “the ebb and flow of the tide of feelings.” Together, the four Elements represent the opposites, but also the complementarity of the astrological archetypes.

The Fire Element and the Astral Personality

The Fire native is dynamic, enterprising, physically active and full of energy. Dominated by enthusiasm, he has a tendency to express himself with exaggeration and excess. With a choleric temperament, the genius of these natives is easily ignited: all those who live with a person of this Element are well aware of their typical outbursts of bad humor.

Emotionally, Fire’s temperament is not very demonstrative and its “dryness” can make it rigid and even insensitive. Impatience makes him ungrateful in his expressions, reaching rudeness and hostility.

It reacts with great intensity to external threats or challenges, and can be conflictive or even violent. In extreme cases, the combination of insensitivity and the ease with which you express your anger can make you cruel.

The Earth Element and the Astral Personality

The personality of the Earth Element is patient and persevering and has a very particular relationship with time. Unlike the Element of Fire, Earth needs to settle down, take root, basing the development of all aspects of its life there.

The temperament of this Element is Melancholic, being little exuberant in its expression, but very concrete in its actions. Its focus of attention is on objective reality, which gives it a lot of solidity and security. You tend to deal with facts better than ideas. He is generally resourceful and a good investigator.

Emotionally, he is not very demonstrative and, like the Choleric, is rigid in his sensitivity. However, the Cold quality makes you very susceptible, tending to sadness, pessimism and, when you are emotionally unbalanced, depression.

Compatibilities of the Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Affinities in relationships manifest themselves in the most varied ways and Astrology can give some clues about the way signs interact with each other. Astrology tells us that the greatest compatibilities arise when two people belong to the same astrological Element, since they share the same vision of reality and have a similar way of being.

Likewise, the attraction between two opposite signs can be instantaneous and the relationship tends to be harmonious. This does not mean that there are no affinities between people belonging to signs of different Elements. Where there is love, affection and understanding, life is born. The way the relationship evolves depends on many factors, with astrological profiles being just one of them.

This is the result of the astrological profiles of the signs he chose based on the compatibility analysis between temperaments, energies and characteristics. This analysis is based on general data, being valid for all types of relationships, be they love, friendship or work.

A detailed and personalized study is only possible through a synastry report . Despite the fact that the profiles of the signs allow us to deduce whether they are more or less compatible with each other, only through the birth chart is it possible to make a realistic interpretation and draw authentic conclusions.

Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one of them. Will, commitment, and free will determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Any relationship, regardless of the influence of the stars, can work as long as the will exists between both parties for that to happen.

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