What Does It Mean to Dream About Bananas?

    According to Freud, bananas in a dream symbolize the beginning of men

    Dreams about bananas are the symbol of not very pleasant and unexpected situations, and they represent the beginning and sexual relations of men. An old dream book associates bananas with unpleasant, arrogant, and uninteresting people who can be your colleagues or partners in real life. Eating bananas symbolizes tiring circumstances associated with starting a new project. A dream about selling fruit is interpreted as useless work that does not bring moral or financial satisfaction. According to Freud, bananas in a dream symbolize the beginning of men. If someone eats a banana in the dream, it shows that there is complete harmony in their body, mind, and sex life. A dream in which you are picking bananas from a palm characterizes you as a lover to dominate in intimate relationships. If a woman dreams about seeing and picking up bananas, this is interpreted as feminism and gender equality in all spheres of life. Eating bananas can predict the loss of authority among your colleagues or subordinates. This risk is associated with an unpleasant person on your team with whom you really struggle for priority. Treating someone to a banana indicates an attempt to evade responsibility and hand over all the work to someone else. Bananas on the table show the need to communicate with an unpleasant but significant person, and one should please him in everything. A bunch of bananas promises big trouble. Married people who cheat on their partners can expect exposure and life changes resulting from parting with their second half. Ripe bananas portend an unwanted quarrel about the dreamer's guilt. If the bananas were still green, you have to start a new venture with unjustified risks and high responsibility. Rotten bananas portend forced participation in an unpleasant undertaking. This dream image can also symbolize the rejection of the dreamer's profession. It would be best if you thought about changing work or practice. Unripe bananas advise you to rethink your life principles and long-term goals because it is evident that they are outdated. This dream tells young girls not to rush to enter "adult life," as this can end with a personal tragedy for them.