What Does It Mean to Dream About Bread?

    Bread contains several meanings from the esoteric point of view; long ago, it was offered as food for the gods; it represented the domain of the four elements; in the old testament, we can find it as a symbol of fertility, although generally, It was always closely associated with life after death, the breaking of the material and the spiritual ascent. Here are the most common types of dreams about bread and their meaning.

    Dreaming that you eat black bread:

    If you dream of eating black bread, it portends periods of great poverty. AND This dream represents many losses in all aspects, and it is not a good dream at all since black bread symbolizes despair, bankruptcy, and the tower that breaks and falls. If you have this dream, you must be very careful with the people with whom you relate, and it announces strong betrayals. Scams can occur at any time, and if you are working, it is recommended to avoid any type of discussion at all costs since this can mean immediate expulsion and you will not be able to get another job for a long time. If you have money saved, it is best to keep it and use it only for really important expenses since, as has been said, poverty is looming. However, this poverty is not only economic; it will also seriously affect the spiritual part; it means that you are a very emotionally closed person and very structured, proud. You must change your way of being and your thoughts as soon as possible if you do not want to enter a severe material and spiritual crisis from which you will not be able to get out quickly.

    Dreaming of kneading bread:

    It is a favorable dream in general terms, and it means that soon there will be a change both on the material and spiritual planes. This dream indicates that after a long time, after many problems, the lesson has finally been learned, the experience obtained has been enough so that now you are about to generate a radical change in your life. As for the material indicates that it will be a profound change since money will no longer be privileged so much, and it will also begin to give value to other things, such as family and the simple things of existence in this world. While, on the other hand, it announces a strong need for a spiritual search, you may begin to take an interest in all things related to meditation and raising consciousness.

    Dreaming that you see a lot of bread:

    Bode well. It indicates periods of great abundance, happiness, and prosperity, and you will also enjoy excellent health. If you dream that you see many loaves on the table, it means that someone will do something outstanding for you; it may be a gift, financial help, etc. If you, in addition to seeing many loaves, begin to eat them, it means that you will not lack money, you will always have it in abundance, and even when you have financial problems, there will never be a lack of someone to help you with everything you need. It indicates that you are a very dear person.