What Does It Mean To Dream About Burglar?

A burglar in your dream can indicate fears.

To dream of a burglar represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is both dishonest and sneaky. Feelings of insecurity about losing strength or stability. Feelings of alarm or shock that an oversight would cause you to be deprived of power or stability without question. Fear of how easily something safe in your life can be taken away if you are not careful. You are feeling violated on a personal, material, or emotional level. You are feeling that something has been taken from you without being able to control it. Negatively, a burglar can be your dishonest attempt to wrest power or resources from someone else. The feeling that you don't deserve to be robbed of power, status, resources, even if you are irresponsible for keeping yourself safe. A possibility that you know how to live a safer life, but that irresponsibility or oversight can harm you. You or anyone else who is aware of the damage or failure they cause. Doing something wrong intentionally while knowing the consequences. A burglar entering a house or room probably represents something in your psyche that is about to break into your consciousness. It would be best if you talked to the burglar to see what needs your attention and what can be done to satisfy the legitimate pleas for your life. This can indicate fears or difficult emotions that come from within in a way that threatens you. If applicable, it may indicate neglected parts of yourself, which can be magnified upon recognition. The burglar can also indicate the loss of valuable talents or qualities that you have deprived yourself of through your behavior - or have been robbed in some way during your growth and development.