What Does It Mean To Dream About Bus?

Great opportunities will come your way if you get out of the bust in your dream.

A bus in the dream is a symbol of mood and changes in current affairs. If you dream of a brand new bus, be prepared for happy life changes that can be related to both personal matters and career. If in your dream you see yourself sitting on the bus during rush hour and you cannot reach the exit, it means that you will participate in some mass events such as a meeting, demonstration, or rally. If you are driving a bus to work in the dream, it means that you will have significant changes in professional affairs. When you wait for a bus at the bus stops, in reality, you live with the expectation of a meeting, which should play a severe part in it. If you are taking the bus in the dream, you are having a romance with a person who does not give you sincere feelings at heart. If you see yourself in a dream as a passenger on a bus, you may not like that no one sees you as a leader. It can also mean that you can't afford much because you don't have enough money. Other passengers on the bus symbolize your real relationship with people. If you see a bus that is overcrowded and you miss it, it means you think your life is passing you by. Your existence is gray and dull, devoid of interesting, beautiful, and bright events. When you get off the bus, you can have a lucky chance in life or win the lottery. To dream that you are watching passengers push each other in a crowded bus means that someone will argue because of you. Therefore, in real life, you should think about every word before expressing yourself to avoid provocation of conflict. Seeing yourself on the bus and feeling as comfortable as possible means moments of joy in your life. If you have missed an empty bus in your dream, it means that you need to rethink your entire life experience. After a reappraisal of values, you can take a fresh look not only at yourself and your relationships with loved ones but also at the world. If you see a bus that stops on the road in the mountains in the dream, it is a good sign; it means that soon you will be able to make an exciting trip, where it will be possible to meet new exciting, influential people. If you dream in which the bus is driving at great speed, you should pay more attention after this dream because there are possible negative actions and decisions which you may regret in the near future.