What Does It Mean to Dream About Cats?

For thousands of years, cats have had a profound esoteric meaning. In ancient Egypt, cats represented divinity and the ability to predict the future. In contrast, black cats were considered bad luck in the Middle Ages and were even associated with black magic. Next, we place the most common types of dreams with cats and their meaning.

Dream of a white cat:

Dreaming of a white cat is a splendid omen. Announce good luck with all the projects that you propose to carry out. There will be much bliss and happiness on all planes. This dream indicates that you are a person with a lot of happiness and peace, you have learned to have a lot of confidence in yourself, and this helps you face all the obstacles that are put in your way without difficulties. There is a good balance between the material and the spiritual, there are no excesses of any kind, and he is generally very well emotionally. As for love, if you are in a relationship, it indicates that you will be a delighted person and that the person next to you loves you very much. If you are a woman, you may soon meet a man with whom you will fall madly in love. This dream also indicates that it is a very good time for everything that has to do with the academic field; therefore, if you have to take exams, you will have very positive results. As for the economy, it will not grow much, but you have enough to live comfortably. There are no money problems or debt to deal with.

Dream of a black cat:

This dream already heralds a bad omen. The black cat is associated with two things: bad luck and death. You may have a nasty streak in all the projects that you propose to carry out, and inexplicable things will happen that will generate a lot of frustration. It will be very common for you to see how, when you are already at the top, something happens that will make everything collapse, and you will have to start over; this dream symbolizes the tower reached by the lightning that is destroyed in the tarot. It is not a good time to invest money, there will be many losses, and you must be psychologically prepared to get ahead. If you dream that the black cat is walking toward you, it means that problems are coming very quickly. If the cat escapes, it indicates that they will not be complex problems to solve.

Dreaming that you see a cat in your home:

Dreaming that you see a cat in your home can be interpreted in many ways. If the catwalks through the kitchen, it means that you are a person who tends to want to know about the lives of all people, you are someone amiable and pleasant at the same time, and you also have a great weakness for food. If you see that the cat is lying on a sofa, it means that you are giving a person terrible advice and that then he will complain.