What Does It Mean to Dream About Cows?

Cows have always had strong esoteric symbolism. In Hinduism, the cow is considered a sacred animal, and it represents love, compassion, and mother earth. At the same time, in other Asian cultures, people who have the attitude of the cow are considered to be people who will always progress and live happily. For the ancient Egyptians, it was the symbol of fertility. Next, we place the most common types of dreams with cows and their meaning.

Dreaming of a cow in the field:

If you dream of a cow in the field, it means that you are a person with great hope, faith, and very optimistic. You always try to face problems, and you are not afraid of failure, and perseverance is a more outstanding quality. Never give up and always continue.

It is a good dream in general lines; it bodes good luck for everything that has to do with business, health, and love.

As for business, new economic proposals will emerge that can make you earn a lot of money. If you are looking for work, it is very likely that you will be called to work in the place or hierarchical sector that you have always longed for; if you plan to make investments, this is the right time.

Health is stable, and as for love, it indicates a lot of happiness.

If you are in a relationship, this dream tells us that the relationship will be very long-lasting and you will never separate; if you are looking for a partner, that love may come into your life very soon.

Dreaming of a skinny cow:

Bad omen in all respects; however, the main problem is financial.

This dream warns us that we will lose a lot of money due to bad decisions, the investments that have been made may fail, and we may also be the victim of a robbery or scam by a person in whom we had placed trust.

This dream tells us that we must start a saving process for a good period since there will be no good income; if you have to support a family, this will significantly complicate the situation, and you may have to resort to a loan.

Suppose you are working in a particular place. In that case, it is recommended to handle yourself wisely and accept everything that is ordered since this dream heralds a break in everything related to money, and you may end up losing your job.

Dreaming of very fat cows that are feeding:

If you dream of fat cows that are feeding, it indicates success, abundance, prosperity, fame, and triumph.

It is a very positive dream; if you are looking for work, want to change, or have made investments, this dream will fill you with happiness since it represents the domain of economic power.

In addition to this, it also portends fame and recognition, and you may be awarded by your boss and given a hierarchical promotion where you will have a better salary. Fame can also be present. As for the relationship with your partner, it portends a pleasure trip abroad.