What Does It Mean to Dream About Crow?

To see a crow in your dream refers to intelligence

Dreams about birds are usually considered good omens. There are several birds that you can dream of, but it is unique and unusual to dream of a crow. Crows are intelligent and intuitive, so dreaming about a crow can reveal something about this side of you. To see a crow in your dream can represent intelligence as long as it flies or roams free and is in no danger of becoming prey. Since it is very unusual to dream of a crow, you have a special kind of wisdom and intuition that surpasses many other people. Trust the decisions you've made recently. Your subconscious tells you to lean on your logic and trust what you think is right.

Detailed dream interpretation of a crow

Crows are considered by many scientists and bird experts to be extremely intelligent animals. Crows are known to be amazingly human, and they escape their predators in ways that never cease to amaze us. A dream about a bird is usually considered a good omen, so a dream about a crow is a good omen regarding your intelligence. If you become a bird in your dream, you may not be using enough wisdom or intelligence. To see a crow in your dream, your subconscious mind wants you to try harder and educate yourself. Watch a documentary or read a good book. Make a commitment to learn a new word or teach yourself a foreign language every day. Crows can also represent change, so to see a crow in your dream can tell you to make a significant change to improve your intelligence. If there is a group of crows in your dream, then your dream may be showing you that your wisdom and free will are influenced too easily by other people. You act as part of a group rather than recognizing your individual needs. Pay attention to yourself and your own intellectual needs. Perhaps you have given advice to others, even though you have not been able to accept advice yourself. Instead of teaching others and teaching life lessons, try to educate yourself and see what you can learn. If there is a crow by your side or by your side during your dream, you are having trouble making your own decisions. You have a companion whose word you trust about everything else, and while this is healthy in moderation, you may want to branch out and expand your social circle. If your pet bird was in a cage, you are an extremely emotional person. You rely on your emotion rather than your logic to make decisions. If the crow remains locked in the cage or if the crow is killed, consider doing more research before making life decisions. If the bird is released, you are doing the right thing by trusting your emotions and gut feeling rather than always using your logic.