What Does It Mean to Dream About Crying?

Crying in itself symbolizes sadness, difficulty, and the inability to cope with those problems that afflict us. At the same time, it is a way of bringing out all the negative things to the external world, stripping ourselves of our internal evils and putting them outside, making them visible. Next, we place the most common types of crying dreams and their meaning.

Dreaming that you are crying:

If he is crying, it means that there are repressed solid desires that we cannot put out.

There is a lot of sadness resulting from various conflicts that we have not known how to resolve. It indicates that we have the ability to achieve a certain emotional balance that will provide us with specific stability and happiness; however, for that, we must stop hiding the evils we have and encourage ourselves to face them.

It warns us that we are in an almost critical situation. If we do not learn how to solve different issues, we will live with an increasingly deep anguish, which may even cause health problems, mainly affecting our psyche. This type of dream usually occurs when something very ugly happens to us during the day, a criticism generally, and instead of responding as we would have liked, it was decided to shut up.

Dreaming that you are crying and the people around you are not listening:

If you dream that you are crying and there are people near you who do not listen to you or come to ask why you are crying, it means that you have an extremely serious problem relating socially with others. Usually, this dream is held by shy, insecure, introverted, weak people.

If you are a teenager, it warns us that you will be a constant victim of teasing from others. At the same time, he points out that you are a person without friends and with few acquaintances; since you are very shy and ashamed when speaking in public, you always prefer to be silent.

This dream tells us how others see us and what image we are projecting of ourselves; this image is that of a lonely, sad, and isolated person, at the same time that they will see us as an easy target to cause us any harm. This dream advises us to completely change our attitude and personality.

Dreaming that other people cry:

If you see other people crying in your dream and you are not the leading actor, it means that you have great sensitivity. You are significantly affected by injustices, especially authoritarian abuses. It tells us that we have to be careful not to blindly trust everyone since others can turn against us at any time, and this will make us feel very bad.

Dreaming that you cry but wipe your tears:

If you wipe your tears in your dream, after crying, it symbolizes that peace and happiness will finally be present after a difficult period. You are a very sentimental person, and you often suffer from the misfortunes that other people experience. The desire to help is very present.