What Does It Mean to Dream About Drowning?

    Dreaming about drowning is a sign that you are not in control of your emotions.

    The immersion in water can represent rebirth, as can the fact that we are back in our mother's womb, which is an archetypal symbol in dream psychology. Were you saved in the dream? Did you save someone else? Did you die in the dream? Has another person died in your dream? Was it disturbing? Water is all about emotions. To resist drowning in a dream can be pretty frightening. It is associated with one's emotions. If the water is cloudy, it means trouble is on the way. If you drown or struggle to breathe, you may experience stress and uncertainty during waking life. This kind of dream also warns you about specific parts of your subconscious that you need to face. To dream of drowning in older dream stories indicates that you are afraid of the future, maybe you are trying to stay at the top, but you are not succeeding. Drowning is seen as a collective consciousness in many dream psychology books, such as by Sigmund Freud. The actual "drowning" takes the place of something else in life, such as a job or relationship that doesn't seem to go as planned. Seeing yourself drowning often indicates that you are emotionally challenged. This dream helps one to understand their feelings, but often the drowning dream happens when we feel overloaded or too involved in waking life matters. Dreams about drowning can encompass many scenarios. For example, sinking in water could indicate that you are being pulled in a negative direction, or dreaming about drowning in a car could mean that your own identity is being challenged at the moment.

    What does it mean to dream about drowning?

    When we wake up, we doubt our dreams, and the drowning dream can torment our daily thoughts because we may be dealing with problems in waking life. As far as dream psychology is concerned, drowning can indicate that there are underlying emotions that led to the dream. When we feel overwhelmed, these dreams can surface. This dream directly results from feeling that you feel the need to express yourself more clearly or that you feel stuck and unable to make the right decisions. When you dream that you die from drowning in your dream, it is connected to your subconscious, indicating a new start or transformation. The possibility of actually drowning can be pretty disturbing. Water is a symbol of our inner emotions. Drowning and dying means we will be reborn. Drowning in your dream means that we are no longer in control of our emotions. If panic was evident in the dream, it suggests an emotional change in life. The more panic, the more significant the emotional change. Seeing yourself floating in water (being able to breathe normally) is expected. It means that emotions are often overwhelming. What is hiding under the water? If it is muddy or cloudy, it means that life will be difficult. If you see yourself struggling in the water, it means that emotions will be high in your life; swimming or sailing around a lake suggests contentment; if you are drowning, it indicates fear. Drowning in a bath suggests the hidden depths. To see other people drowning in your dream indicates that you are trying to explore something dark and hidden. Drowning in the sea or having trouble breathing means that something is holding you back from moving forward. If you find yourself drowning in a swamp, it could mean that there are fears that are undermining your faith in waking existence. Saving someone from drowning is a favorable dream; it means that others will rely on you. Seeing a child drown represents your inner child or that you feel unprotected. A child drowning in a pool indicates that your emotions are running high, especially if you cannot find your son or daughter in the pool water.

    What does a dream mean to save someone from drowning?

    If you are a drowning victim in a dream, the details are essential. If you or someone else is "near death" after coming out of the water, this dream is about emotions. To see people performing CPR or someone being rescued from drowning, the dream may mean that events will turn out well during a difficult time. Saving someone you know from drowning, such as a child, can mean worrying about them. To dream of rescuing someone you don't know can indicate that you are emotional about the future.

    What does it mean to dream of a drowning child?

    Sometimes things happen in dreams that make us uncomfortable, shock us, and worry us, such as our son or daughter drowning. In real life, most drowning occurs when there are risks to the child, such as in small pools or streams of water. Commonly, drowning occurs when the parent has lost supervision. Especially when the parent is busy with chores, this is very rare, and this dream may be a reflection of your fears. Dreaming about saving a child from drowning (son or daughter) can be reconnected with the love you feel for them. Dream several times that your child is drowning in a swimming pool, and you try to find your child, but you can't. This means that you are looking for something, for a reason why something "emotional" has happened, and you haven't figured it out yet.

    What does it mean to dream about drowning in the ocean?

    If you dream that you are drowning in the ocean, then it means that you are gripping emotions in the waking world. This dream may imply that you can move well in the ebb and flow of life. If you keep floating in the ocean, it means you are under pressure from your environment, and it seems like it is making you heavy now, unable to hold back. The tensions and stresses of life are too much for you right now. A scenario in which you see yourself being abandoned by someone or a vessel drowning in the sea is symbolic of your fear of being abandoned. You may be reliving the desolation from the past that caused you grief or loss. After such a dream, you need to approach those from whom you are separated in real life so that you can clarify what is causing the pain between the two of you. Of course, if you think you should. You no longer have a 'balance' in your life, and in order to move forward, you will have to relieve several things that make you feel like you can no longer float. Maybe you're in a relationship or job that doesn't suit you, and it's time you thought about whether you want to continue progressing or find a solution to what's going on ჴ€” or quit.

    What does it mean to dream about drowning in a wave?

    If in your dream you are swept up by the tide or a wave that you cannot fight, and you are drowning, it is a sign that there is something in your waking life that is difficult for you to handle or process emotionally. In the event that waves throw you on the rocks or you find yourself falling into turbulent water, it can subliminally mean that people's feelings blacken you with hurtful actions or words that leave you emotionally drained. The dream may also be a warning. For the next few days, try to be careful and don't trust everyone who crosses your path.

    What does it mean to keep dreaming about drowning?

    If you have repeatedly had a dream of a specific person drowning or yourself, it may indicate that there are emotional problems. But if this dream occurs for several years, it may mean that you may need to seek hypnotherapy or meditation to find out the cause; this will help your subconscious to heal. Events such as death, divorce, or sudden loss when you are young can trigger dreams like these because they leave you with certain insecurity and a sense of risk of loss or abandonment. If such feelings are out of control, they can make you jealous or make you too possessive to avoid loneliness.

    What do dreams about drowning in a swimming pool mean?

    If you have a dream where you are drowning in a swimming pool, it will have varied meanings compared to drowning in an ocean. Remember that an ocean is a natural body of water while a swimming pool is a man-made body of water. A pool is designed to be made to your specifications. So if you have swimming pool dreams, you should think about what you have designed for yourself that looks "real" from the outside, it works, but it is not natural. This could be a lifestyle you impose on yourself, a spouse, or a career.