What Does It Mean to Dream About Eyes?

To dream of eyes in a dream represents observation, judgment, and awareness.

The way you or some aspect of your personality see a situation. To dream of closed eyes means avoiding truth or intimacy and not wanting to consider or accept something. Alternatively, closed eyes may reflect a lack of awareness, ignorance, or naivety. Red eyes symbolize a negative view of a situation or bad intentionsჴ€”a reflection of negative thinking patterns or bad choices. You or an aspect of your personality is afraid, angry, destructive, or dishonest. Thinking patterns or areas in your life that are not helpful. Blue eyes symbolize a positive view of a situation or good intentions. A reflection of positive thinking patterns or good choices. You or some aspect of your personality is confident, sympathetic, constructive, or honest. Thinking patterns or areas in your life that are helpful. To dream of dark blue eyes represents an insensitive view or view of a situation. Seeing a situation with a brutally honest perspective. Dark green eyes symbolize a selfish outlook. Selfish observations and judgments. To dream of light green eyes can reflect your ability to observe or make judgments about problem-solvingჴ€”a part of your life where you are very focused on healing. Awareness of yourself wants to improve a situation. A progressive attitude because you feel that something is not good enough. Very light greens can reflect a desire to stop being jealous, greedy, or arrogant. Negatively, light green eyes can reflect jealousy, greed, or arrogance. Observe a situation as if it seems that you are not jealous. Being very focused on not wanting to be a loser. To dream of black eyes is a view or observation of a situation based on fear or excessive behavior. A problem that makes you anxious or that you think is entirely overboard. To dream of yellow eyes signifies a view or observation of a situation you yourself are involved in. Everything you notice has to do with one problem. Always notice something. Negative, yellow eyes reflect how you notice everything you do around a specific problem or fear. To dream of bloodshot eyes represents exhausted feelings of having to notice a situation that is not over. To dream of sad eyes is a disappointment. It can also be a representation of a hopeless situation. Seeing a situation from the perspective that nothing you like is happening or can ever happen. A sad eye can also signify that you don't believe in yourself enough or give up too quickly. To dream of bleeding eyes signifies the realization that you yourself are in a weakened or debilitating position in a waking life situation. A view of a situation from the perspective of loss of strength or vitality. Feel that nothing can be done until you first address your problem. To dream of rolling your eyes represents annoyance with something you feel that is obvious, while others may not feel the same as you. Awareness of yourself as if you agree with someone or something you think is a loser. Dreaming of eye contact can represent feelings of mutual understanding. Mutual recognition or agreement. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about realizing the importance of listening to or acknowledging some aspect of yourself and how severe or essential something is.