What Does It Mean to Dream About Fighting?

    Dreaming that you are fighting can be interpreted in different ways. Usually, it has to do with the internal fight against yourself; you are not able to express your feelings. It is also related to nervousness, intense life, excess, and addictions. Here are the most common types of fighting dreams and their meaning.

    Dreaming that you are fighting with a stranger:

    This dream indicates that you should become aware of your health and start taking better care of yourself. It is recommended to have a medical check-up to evacuate any doubts that may be had. If, in the fight, you see blood on your face, it means that very great difficulties are coming at the economic level. You must take precautions; the dream itself indicates that you will be in a massive financial crisis in the coming months if the right decisions are not made and pride is put aside. The dream warns you that if you begin to listen to the advice of others and put it into practice, problems and conflicts that may arise will be avoided. As for love, there will be many arguments and insults from your partner to you, and you must learn to control your anger. It is not a good dream, and it portends a lot of depression and anguish. If you work in a company, you may have problems with your co-workers, and the climate is not good.

    Dreaming that you are fighting with a friend:

    It means that you will soon be betrayed by someone very close to you. This dream tells you that you must learn to measure your words and not be so hurtful to others since you tend to be very direct and do not think about the consequences of what you say. On the sentimental level, if you are looking for a partner, you will not find anything stable at the moment, although you can have casual relationships. In dreams, where there is a fight, scarcity of money and financial problems are always represented. If you are a man and you live alone, this dream promises that you may have to leave the place where you live because you will not be able to continue facing the various expenses, you may end up going to live again with your parents or in the house of a friend of yours.

    Dreaming that you are fighting with a relative:

    Bad omen in all respects. This dream is related to family misfortune. It also indicates that there is a lot of envy and jealousy within the same family bosom. You may have a family member who wants everything you have. At the same time, this dream clarifies that the most significant interest that moves them is money within the family. There is no natural affection or affection between the members, but they are very individualistic and materialistic. This dream also warns you that if you are planning to organize or take a pleasant trip abroad at any time, cancel this plan since sudden problems may appear once you are abroad. In the love plane, it is not okay with your partner.