What Does It Mean to Dream About Flood?

The flood represents the very life of the person, his essence, his own spiritual being. Symbolically, dreaming of a flood shows the ties that one has to specific emotional and spiritual issues. Next, we place the most common types of dreams with floods and their meaning.

Dreaming that your home is flooded:

If you dream that your home is being flooded, it means that in the place where you live, there is a lot of negative energy, vibrationally dense. It may be due to the type of people who inhabit it or even because of the constant negative thoughts. On an economic level, the situation will not be good precisely this dream indicates that a period of the severe financial crisis will enter that will force both you if you live alone or the other members of the household, to look for new jobs with better remuneration, since the money that comes into the home is not enough, it even costs to maintain some basic necessities. This dream in love is also evident; if you are a man, this dream reveals that you have never managed to have a stable partner, and it is even possible that you have never had a partner or a courtship, no matter how short, you have to see this dream to a lot with the sexual thing, with the taboos and the absolutely repressed desires that he has maintained since his adolescence.

Dreaming of drowning in a flooded:

It means that you are a person who is very prone to accept defeats very quickly, without continuing to try or fight for what you want. There is a lot of cowardice inside you, and even this dream reveals that you must learn to trust your intuition more since if you develop this healthily, it will be an excellent tool for your life. There is no success in the economic aspect, and it will fail a lot in all the objectives that are proposed, at least for the moment. You must carefully evaluate the decisions you can make before making any mistakes. There may be some problem that carries on even from childhood that still hurts. At the same time, avoid scattering and give more thought to your emotional health.

Dreaming that you are rescued in flood:

This dream can be interpreted in many ways; if you dream that you are rescued from a flood, and you see yourself in the dream, it means that success finally comes. This dream represents gratitude, the reward for effort, receiving what has been given, the cause and the effect. You can feel excellent about yourself since this dream announces that all that you have given, all the good that you have done to the rest, will finally be returned to you, and you can be proud of this since you have been very generous. This dream also reveals this especially generosity. You have always been characterized by helping others; in general, you are a very good person who does not have problems or doubts about helping those who ask for advice or something else; you are someone beneficial and with a very noble personality.