What Does It Mean to Dream About Football?

    Football in dreams usually refers to your feelings and emotions

    A soccer game in the dream shows that you have someone in your life who gives you many things to do. It can refer to a male figure trying to dominate you. Someone in your life is sympathetic and tries to make an effort in your relationship but frustrates you in the same way. You will have to try to make an important and quick decision. This requires you to think deeply about things. A genuine round of football in dreams means winning through teamwork but taking into account personal goals. A soccer game represents confrontation, competition, and ambition but also that you have to be careful in choosing your friends. To play football in your dream suggests that you will receive unexpected money in the near future.

    Positive changes are on the way ifჴ€¦

    • You enjoyed a game of football.
    • You just saw a football.
    • You played with a group of friends.

    Detailed dream interpretation of soccer balls ...

    The soccer ball indicates that a project that you have recently left must be completed as soon as possible. It is the symbol of vanity and meaninglessness. If the ball is a color other than white, it represents dangerous illusions. Dribbling the ball symbolizes trouble and worry, but it can also portend good news. Watching others play football shows that you are jealous of a friend. When you receive a soccer ball as a gift, you are tender and loyal to your friends. When you buy a football, you are generous and have a good heart. The football also means reviving an older friendship that has not gone well recently. Watching a soccer ball roll reminds you that you are undecided and hesitant in some situations in your waking life. Football in dreams usually refers to your feelings and emotions related to the sport in the real world. For example, to play aggressively in your dream refers to an aggressive aspect of your personality and a negative way of acting in your waking life. But football can refer to your level of passion. It can mean very passionate discussions and situations where other people will take sides. Playing football means that people will congratulate you in the future.

    Feelings you may have encountered while dreaming about footballჴ€¦

    • Confident.
    • Curious.
    • Talented.
    • Safe.
    • Capricious.
    • Good mood.