What Does It Mean to Dream About a Friend?

What does it mean to dream of a friend?

The dream is favorable if you receive a friend in your house, suggesting good relations with others. Friends in dreams can be omens of your past.

To see friends in your dream indicates that you need to be better with people around you. Knowing the identity of the friend in your dream implies that you should be able to look at the relationship with that person to find ways to improve it. If you see yourself playing with old friends as a child, it generally suggests that you began to doubt your identity.

Detailed dream interpretation of a friend


A dream about a friend generally indicates a visit. Having a friend means a promising future. To travel with a friend in your dream suggests separation. Hugging a friend in the dream means that there may be some good news. Having fun with a friend in your dream is a sign of profit. Lying to a friend in a dream is a sign of hatred towards someone. To recognize a friend in a dream symbolizes a mistake on your part that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. To be proud of a friend in a dream symbolizes lost hopes. Visiting a friend in a dream shows that you need the patience to get promoted in your work.

If you are spending time with your friends in your dream, it signifies that you will experience financial growth and that you will be healthy. But dreaming of a friend can also be a bad omen. It can refer to something that can make you upset or sad. A sick friend means you will avoid danger. Fighting with friends in dreams means good news from a real friend.

A distant friend appearing in your dream is a sign that they are sick or in trouble. If the friend is calm and content, then the dream tells you that you can expect news from this person soon. To dream of an old friend that you have not seen for a long time is a sign that you will soon meet friends from your past, but not necessarily with the one you dreamed about. If your friends are happy in your dream, then the good news is on the horizon, and you may soon meet a person you love.

A dream in which a friend is upset is a harbinger of illness and suffering. To dream that a friend resembles an animal means that you will separate yourself from close people because of some enemies. To see a friend wearing red clothes in the dream signifies worry and fear for your relatives. To dream of a friend who has been seen at a great height tells you that you have to solve many things if you want to prove that you are right. To dream of a friend being seen at a low altitude means that you are neglecting your friends and relatives because you are charmed by your success.

To dream that you are leaving a friend’s house is a sign that the cause of some quarrels will lead to dubious pleasures. Shaking hands with a friend in the dream means that you are divorcing someone, or you will lose that friend.