What Does It Mean to Dream About Hands?

If the hands caress in your dream, you may feel sexy

We express ourselves with our hands, and the ability to read body language is a valuable source of information. Similarly, the hands can reveal information about emotions, intentions, and overt behavior in the dream state.

For example, if you see clenched fists in your dream, you may have a lot of suppressed anger. Sometimes outstretched hands indicate that you need it and are willing to develop close friendships. If the hands are caressing in your dream, you may be feeling sexy.

Positive changes are afoot when…

  • You’re ready to hide for a while.
  • You are open to blessings.
  • You try to avoid anger.

Detailed dream interpretation of hands

The hand is a vital dream image in all cultures and therefore has many interpretations. In the Eastern tradition, it symbolizes a sister, brother, and child, as well as money.

To dream of cutting your own or someone else’s hand or wrist foretells that you can make money. It is good to dream of a white hand. In this case, you will get rid of some unpleasant problems, and your desire will be fulfilled.

Long hands can be a sign of fame, honor, and power. In the western tradition, dirty hands have been seen in dreams that a relative or someone close to you is in danger, while clean hands mean that in real life, you are solving a problem that has caused you a lot of trouble.

An excellent sign is if you dream of baby hands. This means that you will be financially successful. If you dream that you are washing your hands, you will get rid of some worries in the near future. The most exciting and strange dream is that of a golden hand. It announces tremendous wealth in real life.

To dream of hands shows that you have unlimited creativity in what you are currently working on. It means a passion has surfaced, and you are ready to get started making it happen. Having something heavy in your hand or juggling shows that a situation needs to be analyzed correctly in order to make the right decision.

Clinging hands often show a friendship that is likely to last. When your hands are folded, you need to hide and heal yourself mentally. It can also refer to that thing in your life that has been quite hectic. To see older hands in your dream indicates that wise decisions need to be made in order to make progress in your life. To dream of washing your hands signifies that you are feeling guilty and that you are trying to replenish and end what is happening in your life.

Nail polish shows that you are trying not to face the right conditions in the waking world. A large hand can indicate that a ghost has chosen you to perform an important task. Things will become apparent in the near future. If your hands are praying or your palms are facing the sky, it could mean that you will soon receive a blessing that makes you happy.

To dream that you see beautiful hands or the hands of someone who works with them signifies that you will benefit from a vacation after your hard work. To dream of withered and old hands foretells that money problems will solve. To dream that your hands are making all kinds of signs suggests that you are breaking up with a loved one. Seeing a hand with all fingers is a sign that your business deals will go well and that you will be prosperous.

Left hand - Left hand in a dream symbolizes your courtesy and your feminine, receptive qualities.

Right Hand - Right hand symbolizes the masculine and active attributes, or sometimes it can suggest “being right.”

Loose Hands - Loose hands indicate that you are not communicating your point of view. You are not understood, or someone does not understand you. The dream may also symbolize feelings of loneliness.

Baby hands - Small baby hands indicate your maternal eagerness or desire to feel needed.

Hairy or Rough Hands - To dream that your hands are hairy or rough implies your lack of gentleness in dealing with others.

Closed hands - To dream that your hands are clenched or closed in a fist signifies unity, completeness, acceptance, or agreement.

Hands as a fist - The fist symbolizes violence and justice.

Bloody hands - Hands with blood reflect your guilt for something wrong you did.

Broken hands - If the bone of the hands or palms is broken, it indicates a broken spiritual connection you may have with others.

Waving your hand - Indicates that you will meet new people.

Dreaming about actions done by hands…

Lend a helping hand - If someone else offers you a helping hand, it means you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or depend on others from time to time.

Holding hands - To dream that you are holding hands with someone represents love, affection, and connection to that person. To hold your ex in the dream can indicate that you are missing the company and that you are afraid of losing contact with them forever.

Handshake - To dream of a firm handshake suggests that you have reached an agreement with someone about something.

Wash or clean something - Pay attention to the item being cleaned. For example, washing clothes or laundry suggests that you are renewing your appearance. Clean windows with hands suggest that you want a clearer view of life. Washing or cleaning the items by hand without any other tools suggests that you are taking the roughest approach in these efforts, which can sometimes be ineffective.

Holding a broken glass - Suggests that your relationship with someone has been broken. What’s left can be dangerous; maybe it’s time to let it go.

Handling Weapons - If the hand in the dream is focused on equipping and using a weapon such as a pistol or a hand grenade, beware as violent actions can occur. Perhaps you should try to control your anger and rage for the better.

Hand and bird - If there are birds on your hand or trying to land, it suggests that you are seeking freedom. Or that you have taken away someone else’s freedom if you keep the bird captive.

Dream about what happens to hands

Washing hands - Dreaming about washing your hands is a problematic issue that you need to solve. Remember that the kind of dirt on your hands can give you some insight into the problems.

Itchy hands - If the left hand is itchy, it means that money is being received. Money is being given or lost if the right hand or both hands itch.

Burning Hands - Burning Hands suggests getting burned by your actions. Maybe you didn’t realize the risk and danger of the tasks.

Hands Stuck Together or Tied Up - Hands being tied up by rope or handcuffs indicates that you are unable to reach out and help others. You may feel hopeless about a situation that hurts someone you know.

Missing hands, cut off, or amputation - To dream that you are losing your hands because they have been cut off - amputated indicates that you have lost the feeling. You may have broken or lost the ability to reach out to others, or you may have lost your work skills. In a dream, cutting the left hand symbolizes losing the feminine side; cutting the right hand symbolizes losing the masculine side.

Hands are stung by bees or wasps - It indicates that you are working with difficult people.

Hands being bitten - To dream that dogs or other animals bite your hands. Suggests that the person represented by the animals is hurting you in some way.

No hand or missing hand - To see a missing hand or hands in the dream that do not exist suggests a loss of strength and ability to do something.

Stabbed or cut - To dream that your hands are injured suggests that your attempt to do a project or communicate has not gone smoothly.