What Does It Mean to Dream About Incest?

    Incestuous dreams completely disrupt the one who has them

    According to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung, all dream images are contextual, and the same "themed incest" can occur in one or more dreams. To understand what this dream means, we need to look at the background of our relationships with the family members in the dream. In Carl Jung's book, there is a paragraph about how Caesar had numerous incest dreams with his mother. At the time, dream interpreters were used in the Roman Empire. Legend has it that Caesar's mother represented the kingdom and that incest itself represents part of our dream ego. Carl Jung believed that incest in dreams is not damaging. The fact that you had an incest dream should not shock you. It's all about your psyche and how you currently deal with your family's relationships. On a more negative side, dreaming of paternal incest indicates complexity and difficulty in the relationship. This could be your parents or someone who controls you like a partner in a waking life. It could be that a relationship with someone close is unexplored, so this dream arose spontaneously. The frequency of these dreams gives an idea of how important it is in your life and the state of your psyche.

    What is the general meaning of dreams about incest?

    To have a dream of incestuous practices means something completely different. In dreams, this can indicate that you are trying to express yourself. In families, sometimes we don't get the freedom we want. Such a dream can result from a quarrel or problem with a family member. Your dream also represents the relationship between males and females. You are probably at a stage in your life where you worry about the future. The dream is a symbolic unity between the adult and the inner child. Alternatively, if you have recently quarreled with a relative and expressed your desire to reconcile, the dream may describe forgiveness. Or maybe you're in a relationship with someone who reminds you of your mom, dad, or another family member.

    Positive changes are afoot as

    • You become more understanding of yourself.
    • You accept what you are in life.
    • You give love to receive love.

    Detailed dream interpretation of incest

    The central theme of the story of Oedipus the King is the incest between a mother and a son and its tragic ending. Oedipus is severely punished for his incestuous actions. He loses sight, while his descendants are punished for Oedipus' incest. Therefore, incest is a powerful symbol, even if it simply appears in the dream world. In the ancient myths, such as that of Oedipus, incest between gods and goddesses was a way of gaining innocence, purity, and energy. Therefore an incest dream can signify the need to purify one's power. Incestuous dreams disturb entirely the one who has them, believing that they see in them an unconscious desire or a perversion. Freud says that such dreams ignore the demands of morality. An incestuous dream does not represent the suppressed desire, and you need not be afraid if you had such an image in your dream. If you dream of incest, it can be the omen of progress in life. Any dream in which uncomfortable events occur is a sign that you should try to maintain high standards to lead yourself in all areas of life. This dream may refer to your fear of love and maturity. The dream connects your personality and also your fears in life. Any dream of this nature has no defined meaning but, on the contrary, can indicate something completely different. Usually, such a dream symbolizes your unconscious desire for the love of your mother, father or brother, or sister. Sometimes a dream involving a family member can mean that that person needs your help, and your subconscious has observed this signal and is letting you know that you need to take care of that person. The same dream can refer to your homesickness and nostalgia when not at home. The Arab tradition of dream interpretation claims that such a dream suggests that you are acting against your nature, while the Western tradition suggests that you could lose respect or money. The dream interpretation clearly states that you will lose your honor. If you are a man and you dream about incest with your daughter, it symbolizes your fear of a relationship in real life. If the incest in the dream occurs between siblings, it refers to your secret desire to improve relationships with people you have struggled with. If you are an incest victim in real life, this dream reflects that.