What Does It Mean to Dream About Jealousy?

    Emotions are often distorted in dreams, and jealousy dreams are no different.

    To dream of being jealous reflects your protective feelings, feelings of abandonment, and desires about how things should be. When you dream about jealousy, you have to consider whether your feelings are just and whether you are doing the right thing for yourself and the other person in your waking world.

    Positive changes are coming if

    • You felt jealous and then expressed your feelings.
    • Didn't act on your jealousy and let things be as they were.
    • I was jealous for no reason.

    Detailed Dream Meaning About Being Jealous

    To feel jealousy in a dream indicates your feelings of inadequacy. The other person you envy isn't even a real problem in your waking world most of the time, and the problem you have is feeling like you don't have enough to offer in a relationship or situation. Usually, when you have jealousy issues in a dream, it is a sign that you need to be more assertive and in control in a relationship or situation to clarify your role and importance of you in the situation. If you feel jealous in a dream, you may also want to consider your actions. If you're jealous, it could be about your guilt about playing favorites with someone else and realizing that you're the one who isn't being honest. Then there are the other times when feeling jealous in a dream indicates your fear or inadequacy. Of course, when you dream, your mind is just working out problems that come up in your life. You want to make sure that you are not insecure and accusatory if you confront the person causing your jealousy. Maybe, you were accused of being too clingy, or your partner was nice to someone else who aroused your jealous feelings but remembered that emotions are often over the top in the dream time. Consider your feelings, but take action with a grain of salt - especially if you're confident in the relationship with the person. To cause jealousy in a dream is an indication that you are too demanding and can also stem from your fear. If you feel that you are being honest and that the jealousy of the other person in your dream is unreasonable, then examine your feelings and reflect them on yourself. Ask where you haven't been honest or who you've taken advantage of recently.