What Does It Mean to Dream About Kissing?

    Kissing another person represents lust, passion, the constant search for affection, and affection. It can also mean attachment or immaturity. In general, it is something positive since the love of one person for another or desire to be with that individual is transmitted. Next, we place the most common types of kissing dreams and their meaning.

    Dreaming that you are kissing another person:

    This dream represents several things. On the one hand, if you are a woman and know the person in your dream, you have a powerful sexual desire for that person, and you want to be with him with increasing intensity. If you are a man, there is a lot of sexual dissatisfaction and a strong repressed desire. If you know the woman you are kissing, an opportunity with that person could soon arise, a possible long-term courtship. On the other hand, this dream also indicates a strong attachment that the person has for others. It indicates that you suffer a lot when they downplay what you say or do. He is terrified of expressing his feelings. He is a shy, introverted person, but very funny and values friendship a lot. This dream warns you to stop repressing any desire you have and let yourself go, be looser and not such a structured person. If it is a passionate kiss and you meet the person in the dream, he is with you only for interest. Be careful if there is something you want to take away from him or take advantage of. As for the economy, complications may arise if you work independently, especially with specific clients.

    Dreaming that you are kissing a naked woman:

    This dream indicates a good omen. If you are a man and you dream of this, you will be very successful in everything you set out to do. It is the best time to make investments since this dream indicates that the economy will flourish in your life, passed to live in great abundance. If you are looking for a job or decide to change jobs, you will achieve it in a short period. If you are a woman and you have this dream, you must be alert because someone very close will happen very soon. Possible problems and obstacles of all kinds can appear if you are a woman. It is recommended to analyze and be patient before making any decision. Also, this dream may reveal that you do not want to assume your sexual identity for fear of criticism, especially from your family.

    Dreaming about kissing a deceased person:

    This dream can indicate good luck or misfortune. If you are a boy, there will be many misfortunes for an extended period in your life. Someone very close to you may die, which will cause you a lot of suffering. If she is a woman, she points out the opposite, and there will be much prosperity, abundance, and fullness. Happiness is approaching your life. You may be the victim of false stories that you will make up about yourself, and you must avoid reacting with anger to lies and criticism.