What Does It Mean to Dream About Lice?

    Lice are symbolically associated with energy-wasting, psychic vampirism, emotional losses, and also very commonly with our environment. Many times in our social circle, we can interact with people who deep down are not as we think they are, and that from one moment to the next they can cause us some harm, whatever the case, dreaming about lice with some exceptions, it is never a good thing, below we put the most frequent types of dreams with lice and their meaning.

    Dreaming that you have lice:

    It is frequently linked to the family circle and people close to you. It means that certain people love you for convenience and who are with you only for specific interests. It indicates that the person is living with a lot of stress and intense family pressures that lead the person to live with a lot of anxiety and agitation. He tells us that the person will be betrayed by someone very close and with whom he placed a lot of trusts. As for love, it augurs strong arguments within the couple and the possibility of ending the relationship. It can also mean that we are the victims of a psychic attack by someone. The influential circle is becoming narrower, and friends turn a deaf ear to requests for help.

    Dreaming that you get lice:

    There is a relief. The worries and problems with which you carry are released. It indicates that we will leave the moment of stagnation in which we find ourselves. There is cleaning in the affective circle, abandoning those who were for us only for a specific interest. The economic plane warns us that we can pay our debts soon. In love, it indicates that a new person will appear in your life and make you fall in love. If you are in a couple, this will cause a break, and they separate. If you remove the lice one by one, you are a soft person and easy to control. Problems always overtake you, and you tend to be manipulated by another person due to your weak character. On the other hand, if you take them out of many, it tells us that you are firm and with a strong character that will make sure that no one can cause you any harm or dominate you, you face life and assume reality, you do not take into account what others think of you.

    Dreaming of lice chasing us:

    Sign of substantial weakness in the personality. There is fear, confusion, sadness, and anxiety. You are afraid of facing problems, and you assume a passive role, causing ruptures in all aspects. We must be careful with the people around us, and they predict intense discussions that can lead us to anger and resentment. If you are working, your boss or your superior is not satisfied with your work, this dream predicts problems of all kinds at work, and you may be fired. Likewise, it also portends possible legal problems. If the lice that chase us are gigantic, we must be cautious since there are people who continually seek to harm us.