What Does It Mean to Dream About Mirror?

To dream of a mirror represents self-reflection or self-awareness

You notice something about yourself. Assess yourself. Think honestly about yourself. A reflective atmosphere. See yourself as you are.

Negatively, a mirror can reflect ego, vanity, arrogance, and narcissism. Worrying too much about how you appear to others. Feelings that you notice that you are getting older. Compare yourself to others.

Suppose in a dream you see yourself as ugly in a mirror. In that case, you see negative aspects of your personality in waking life—negative thoughts, fears, insecurities, guilt, jealousy, or even arrogance. You see or feel your negativity or experience the results of bad choices.

To see yourself as attractive in a mirror in a dream means to see positive aspects of your personality in waking life. You may be confronted with negativity, trying to improve yourself, or giving up negative thinking patterns. You may feel more confident, justified, competent, or happy. You may also experience the results or good choices.

To dream of looking in a mirror and smiling can reflect realizing that you like yourself or are happy with yourself in waking life.

To dream of using a mirror to put on makeup signifies an awareness of seeing that your personality changes.

Dreaming of seeing someone else’s face in the mirror can reflect the feelings you are associated with and the qualities that stand out most in that person. It can also reflect feelings about yourself acting or feeling like the person you see in the mirror. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings that the person strongly influences you in the mirror or that the central part of your life revolves around spending time with that person. This is especially true if the person you see in the mirror recently passed away and was very close to you.

To dream of a broken mirror represents discomfort when you think about yourself—feeling that there is something wrong with you—feeling that other people don’t like you. Touching or acknowledging yourself is not pleasing. Low self-esteem or confidence. Feeling that you shouldn’t think you’re unique. Feeling that you don’t matter at all.