What Does It Mean to Dream About Nose?

To dream that your nose is bleeding represents a problem.

To see a nose in your dream means that conditions will be better, you will earn more money, and you will have more abundance. To see a nose in the dream represents your intuitive feeling, listening to your instincts, or the ability to sense a situation. A nose can indicate how well you can sense a problem. The dream may also suggest that you want to know more about a nearby situation. To dream of losing your nose signifies an inability to understand problems or sense a situation. Your sense of intuition is affected, and you are not listening to your basic instinct. To see that your nose is bleeding in your dream warns you that you will be damaged by the fault of others. However, you will compensate for the damage after this problem is recognized. To dream that your nose is bleeding represents a problem or distraction suppressing your intuition or gut feeling. Something is making it harder for you to make the right choices. Embarrassing bad experiences or a temporary period of bad intuitive choices. To see that your nose is broken in your dream means that you will postpone your plans because of your health problems. To dream of a broken nose represents your sense of intuition or instincts that are temporarily paralyzed. A problem may have sidetracked you permanently or left you 'in the dark.' You can't feel your way out of a problem. To see your nose or the other person's nose swell or get bruised means that you are starting to rise above your limitations and reshape them to your advantage. To dream of picking your nose signifies embarrassing issues that are being addressed and are best kept private. Seeing others pick their noses may represent an inappropriate lack of discretion or boundaries with embarrassing personal issues. To dream that you are picking your nose at all sorts of things means that you are turning your back on your old friends because you are becoming a rich person. To see nose hair in your dream means to get your hands dirty for money, but you do not need this money. To see that you have a nose cold in your dream and you keep turning your nose implies that the extraordinary circumstances will end and your life will change in the regular order. The pick in the nose refers to possessions you will have when the conditions get right. To see nasal congestion in your dream means that you will live off the good of the land, but you will not enjoy this wealth to the fullest because you will have future concerns and fears. To see cuts, bruises, or acne on your nose in your dream refers to temporary illnesses. To dream that you are having nose surgery signifies that you will earn more by improving yourself and you will be more prominent, and you will have a better reputation. To see bees or other animals penetrating the nose in your dream refers to doubt and indecision. If bees or other animals come out of your nose, it means that you get rid of doubt and get out of the hole. To see money or anything going up your nose in your dream means that you will sell your wares to get rid of your problems. If money or other things come out of your nose, it means you're getting your life back on track.