What Does It Mean To Dream About Ocean?

When you dream about the mighty ocean, you are full of emotions…

When you dream about the mighty ocean, you are full of emotions that are deep and strong, like the tides.

Dreaming of water, but more specifically the ocean is one of the most common symbols that people have noticed most often. This is because we are mainly made of water, and the strongest containment of this element is the ocean. There is nothing more beautiful and intense and terrifying than this gigantic body of water.

In this dream, you may have ...

Fallen off a boat in the ocean with the feeling of drowning symbolizes a metaphorical drowning in all the emotions of your life.
Been through a tidal wave that crashes into you. Tidal waves are familiar illustrations of intense stress or worry that hit and devastate you.
When this happens, it’s best to try to resolve your feelings as quickly as possible.
Survived a tidal wave from the ocean.
Saved others from drowning in the ocean.

Positive changes are afoot if…


When you fell off the boat, you decided to swim in comfort with the ocean’s animals, demonstrating your ability to thrive in any environment and accept your emotions as they are.
Survived an ocean tidal wave that proved you are versatile and robust enough to handle even the most dangerous tides.
Saved others from drowning; you are a counselor and a helper; you help others and pull them away from drowning in their own emotions.
You decide to swim in the ocean voluntarily.

Detailed dream meaning of the ocean…

For men: Men are stereotypically challenged when it comes to feeling comfortable expressing emotions. Therefore, they are most likely to push through these kinds of dreams simply because they have no other outlet. When this happens, the man must become one with the problem at play so that he can stop drowning in the ocean of reversed emotions. Expression of any kind will help…preferably productive expression.

For women: Women are generally intuitive creatures, and while it’s not that hard for them to express their emotions, they get just as caught up in them when things go wrong. Usually, this is the result of doing too much, so they need to make sure they deal with their emotions in a constructive way, making their needs expressed and not internalized.

For everyone: To dream that you are at sea or stranded in an ocean signifies that you are feeling lost in your emotions or that you are not grounded. This may indicate that you need to have a more extensive solid foundation in your life. When you have these kinds of dreams, it can also indicate that your desires are out of touch with reality in waking life.