What Does It Mean to Dream About Oral Sex?

    Oral sex dreams are representative of all the pleasures of life

    Often dreams that include oral sex or have elements of oral sex in the dream represent different life cycles. First, the person having the dream may be at a very fertile time in their life, so it is completely natural for them to have dreams that contain a sexual element. This is the body and the mind's natural way of telling a person when they are capable of bearing children or fertilizing others. This is also symbolic of the creative power of life, which is commonly associated with both the masculine and active part of life and the passive yet creative energies of life. This dream will have different meanings depending on how you react to it. If you find yourself ashamed but have dreams of this nature, you have a sexual self that is painful to get out of and a sense of curiosity about sexual and creative matters that need to be explored. These dreams directly represent your earthly desires in the waking world purified by the dreaming mind.

    Positive changes are afoot when

    • You find yourself allowing yourself the pleasure of experiencing oral sex.
    • You liked watching it on TV or in person and felt good about it because everyone was very natural.
    • You felt lucky for your partner for receiving/giving oral sex and decided to join in to be closer to them, thus symbolizing the desire to be closer to your partner after transitioning from feeling a bit distant.
    • You felt sexually healed as a result of giving/receiving oral sex.

    Detailed dream meaning of oral sex

    Oral sex dreams are representative of all the joys of life, as well as what a joy others have to offer. It is, in a sense, a way of affirming the kind of energy you want to experience in your life, that of sexual freedom in which your needs are met consistently. If you were the one who received the oral sex, it is symbolic of the fact that you can accept a certain level of pleasure from others. This is also a representation of how you can empower others to help you in the ways you need to, either describing something you never do or patting you on the back for letting yourself relax this way.

    This dream is related to the following scenarios in your life

    • Sexual confusion.
    • Creation of a new venture that involves focus and high energy output.
    • Contemplative.
    • Sexual freedom.

    Feelings you may have encountered during a dream of oral sex

    • Passion.
    • Liveliness.
    • Fertility.
    • Efficacy.
    • Creativity.
    • Forward movement.
    • Contemplation.
    • Fearlessness.
    • Fear.
    • Luck.
    • Clumsiness.
    • Uncomfortable.
    • Comfortable.
    • Free.
    • Released.
    • Confident.