What Does It Mean to Dream About Pig?

Dreaming of a pig can be associated with our character

Pigs are amazing mammals, and if this sturdy, intelligent animal appears in your dream, you need to pay attention. To dream of a pig is a fertility symbol; the animal is seen as the mother goddess. The pig you see in your dream also has a perception of what other people mean to you - who you care for. Pigs are of the Suidae family, and there are a total of 16 species. In many ways, we associate pigs with negative feelings. If we look at the term "swine stable," it can mean that we are dirty. In addition, we call someone who eats too much a "greedy pig" and someone we don't like a "pig." I could go on, but you know what I mean. Contrary to all this, research has shown that pigs are, in fact, intelligent, clean, and delightful animals. It is unfortunate that our perception of the pig is still centered on the animal in the corner of the farm covered in mud. This, I think, is what has been ingrained in us from a young age.

What does dreaming of a pig mean?

Dreaming of a pig can be associated with our character. Seeing a pig in a dream is also associated with a childish attitude to life. There may be something that goes backward regarding a relationship, or that material wealth will be yours. Think of the term "piggy bank," and this symbol in a dream indicates that you need to keep your wealth. In Biblical terms, the pig is associated with the devil. In fact, there are connections with the devil riding a pig, the symbol seen in dreams (from a biblical perspective) indicating falling prey to temptations. Seeing a large group of pigs may indicate that you feel overwhelmed by others, although you cannot escape. Riding a pig in a dream can mean controlling someone's pig behavior. To dream of a piglet is connected with growth, money, marriage, and love. Piglets are connected to the caring side of Mother Nature and our emotions. Male pigs seen in a dream can indicate that there are male traits that need to be explored. The boar is a symbol of feeling comfortable in life. The pig is protective, and if the mother ever sees her cubs injured, she will start to kill the attacker, so there is hidden aggression. Pigs in dreams are also about freedom. They are happier living in a forest than in a small stable. It may indicate that you need to get out more and feel comfortable in nature. The structure where the pig is housed can be anything from a small shelter to a stable. If the pig was enclosed, it could mean that you are feeling somewhat limited in life.