What Does It Mean to Dream About River Water?

    Dreaming of river water can be interpreted in different ways. In general, it is usually something positive. Symbolically, it represents the purification of the soul, the improvement, and the removal of bad thoughts. Then we place the most common types of dreams with river water and their meaning.

    Dreaming of swimming in river water:

    If you dream that you are swimming in river water, it means that you are a person who does not accept reality as it is. He is trying to escape from something that causes him a lot of internal damage, yet at the same time he does not know what it is.

    This dream reveals a lot of inner turmoil, chaos, and hopelessness. There is little self-esteem and you have no faith in yourself.

    Regarding the economic plane, the debts are drowning him emotionally and he should look for some kind of help that can not only help him pay the expenses but also solve his internal problems since he is not in a stable equilibrium but goes from one extreme to the other. In love, if you are in a relationship, this dream indicates that the best thing is a momentary distancing, not a definitive one.

    If you dream that you are drowning in river water

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Drowning?

    The overflowing situations are increasing. You must think about everything you are doing wrong as soon as possible. This dream portends failures and misunderstandings. You may fight with a person that you love or appreciate a lot for something that you really have nothing to do with. This dream indicates many losses at all levels; everything that is has managed to disappear, both in love and economically and socially.

    This dream also has a lot to do with the inability to have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. Economically, there will be a period of crisis that can last several months or until you learn to live properly, depending on what your essence dictates and not your ego.

    There may be many material losses, especially of everything that it has cost you to get. However, dreaming that you are drowning in river water means that the solution always comes. You must be patient.

    Dream of drinking river water:

    It means that there is an intention to change. Positive thoughts are more present in your life now. This dream means that after always fighting against yourself, you have finally found the peace and harmony you've been looking for.

    This dream promises stability and balance. Everything that is proposed will be achieved as long as his desires are genuine and not loaded with selfishness.

    On an economic level everything will go better, you may get a better job and even this dream indicates that you can start an independent project with a family member. This dream is also closely related to inheritances. In love, everything will go well, the situation with your partner will get better every day, and happiness is what reigns most among you.