What Does It Mean to Dream About Shooting Stars?

To dream about shooting stars represents happiness

Shooting stars can be compared to a wave of human feelings, bright delight, and flight of the soul. It is a very promising sign to see nightly heavenly bodies in a dream.

To dream of a shooting star indicates an unheard prayer or wish. If there’s something you’ve been desperately waiting for, it can come true. To dream of shooting stars represents the passage of time. Time goes by too fast, and you feel like you have no control over it.

We generally dream of events in the sky when exploring ambitions or aspirations.

A shooting star conveys the idea of wishing about something burning up. The message may be that we don’t take action steps to do what we want - instead, we just let events unfold. This type of dream coaches you to explore your aspirations and make sure you take steps to manifest them. The shooting star can also represent an impending burnout. You may need to find more joy in what you do.

The dream of seeing a shooting star has the meaning of good luck. In the case of good dreams, this means an increase in happiness, meaning that wishes and dreams come true.

You can expect a general increase in happiness, such as romantic happiness, personal happiness, and happiness at work, but the romance is particularly strong.

On the other hand, a shooting star has the impermanence of disappearing into the night sky in the blink of an eye, which could mean missing or losing an opportunity.

However, in either case, when you dream of a shooting star, the dreams, goals, and desires you want to fulfill are considered to be in the psychological background.