What Does It Mean to Dream About Staircase?

    Dreaming about stairs is generally a sign of happiness

    To see a series of stairs in your dream indicates that you are moving towards some clear goals. Walking up a flight of stairs shows that you have put in the necessary effort to succeed. If you fall a flight of stairs, you will likely meet difficult people.

    Detailed dream interpretation of a staircase

    If you go down a flight of stairs, it means that you are probably unlucky in a love affair. It is crucial that you can show your feelings to make this love affair a success. Seeing others go down shows that you have encountered an unpleasant person in your waking life. If you sit on a staircase, it indicates that theft may come into your life and cause you trouble in waking life. A golden staircase shows spiritual growth and that you need to evolve towards a more fulfilling lifestyle. To see a staircase on a beach in your dream symbolizes a reminder that you should enjoy the good things in life. To dream that you are falling on the stairs signifies that you need to be careful not to get involved in a plot. To dream that you are sweeping or cleaning a staircase signifies that you will have better-living conditions in the future. The stairs suggest spiritual upliftment and activation of emotions. To dream that you enter a house through a wide staircase or dream that the stairs fall on you means that you will worry about false friends in the future. To dream that you are walking up a flight of stairs and a step break suggests that your financial problems will lessen. If you are walking up a flight of stairs in your dream, it is a good sign, but if you are going down the stairs in your dream, it is an omen that some trouble is coming your way. If you feel dizzy when you are on a staircase in the dream, it is always a bad sign. Stairs in your dream can suggest pride, contempt, and annoyance. To dream of sliding down a flight of stairs portends losing. Falling on the stairs is a harbinger of failure, loss of social position, and loss of wealth, but also disease. Wooden stairs refer to the fact that you can make mistakes at work. Stone stairs mean that you have exerted yourself at work, and now you are no longer dependent on anyone. Long stairs mean fatigue and unhappiness, while big stairs predict that you will successfully improve your situation. To see yourself rolling down the stairs in your dream foretells a difficult time ahead regarding matters that are close to your heart. Short kicks mean that you need to be more active at work and that danger can get closer to you. The staircase bodes well in the Eastern tradition and symbolizes ascending and support. For the ancient Persians, the dream of stairs was a sign of good luck. Western tradition believes that it is better to dream of climbing a flight of stairs, as it signifies progress, promotion, and profit. To go down the stairs in your dream indicates that trouble is ahead.