What Does It Mean to Dream About Subway?

To dream about a subway represents your subconscious mind

A metro is a mode of transport where a train travels through underground tunnels and stops at various destinations.

Dreams about subway trains and stations may not be significant if the person dreaming of them often uses them as a means of transportation. However, if the dreamer is not used to riding a subway, the dream must be interpreted.

Underground locations signify the unconscious, while a terminal signifies some choice to be made, and a train signifies your life is moving in a specific direction. Trains passing through tunnels can also be sexual in nature, and dreams of subways can therefore reveal some level of sexual frustration or desire.

Detailed dream meaning of a subway

Dreaming of traveling by subway implies using your instincts to guide your decisions and maybe just going with the crowd.

To dream of traveling or sleeping on a subway with your eyes closed implies that you are blindly following a trail set for you by other people. This dream implies that your path is determined by conformity, and you need to open your eyes to the possibility of charting your course.

To dream that your journey is postponed means that your progress is being blocked by fears, prejudices, or outdated opinions.

To dream that you have paid for a ticket but cannot get through the gate suggests that although you have paid your dues, you are being blocked by the people in your life or your social or economic circumstances from achieving your goals.

To dream where you have reached the terminal but are waiting for a train that never arrives implies that you are stuck with financial worries or in a dead-end relationship or job. You may feel so disconnected from your deepest feelings that your life is on hold.

To dream of jumping the fence without paying the fee means that you may be using some underhanded method to get yourself where you want to be. If you jump through the gate because you don’t have the money to pay the cost of the ticket, it indicates that the cost of a decision you have to make seems too high to continue, so you try to find a way around it. If you’re jumping the fence because you enjoy the excitement of getting away with something, it suggests you’re making a hasty decision, driven by the excitement of the moment.

To dream of crashing, being threatened, or witnessing a crime on the subway indicates that your goals are not going according to plan. Your intuition is trying to communicate that your current track could be causing damage to you. To dream of witnessing a crime or being the victim of a crime on a subway suggests that you lack confidence and feel powerless to make a difference in your life or in the life of a person you care about. To dream of derailing or crashing the subway implies a subconscious realization that your life is spiraling out of control and, despite how difficult it will be, it is time for you to stop being a follower.

To dream of missing a subway signifies missed opportunities to solve a problem preventing you from fulfilling your aspirations. You may not feel prepared for a new direction, so your standstill. This dream can also indicate that you have put off so much that an opportunity that was open to you has passed you by.

Whether or not the subway station is full or empty in your dream also has some influence on the interpretation of the dream. To dream that you are jostled by strangers in a large crowd, either at the station or on the train, implies that you are feeling overwhelmed and ignored by your peers and loved ones to the point that it hinders you from achieving your goal.

To dream of being in an empty subway can have two meanings. If you feel confident in the empty subway, it suggests that you are convinced of the appropriateness of your beliefs and intend to be methodical in achieving your goals. If you feel desolate, it indicates that you lack enough support to give you positive feedback. This leads to a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Dreaming of trains passing through tunnels can also represent sexual intercourse. To have such a dream means unrequited passion.