What Does It Mean to Dream About Suicide?

    Suicidal dreams are notoriously linked to poor self-esteem

    Dreaming about suicide tends to be a bad omen, and those adverse situations will arise in waking life. But honestly, it's a favorable dream, which means you'll soon appreciate the quirkiness and fresh start ahead of you. Essentially, this dream is connected with our judgments, expectations, fears, and defenses in waking life. We can say that to find "suicide" in the interpretation of a dream means a specific word: transformation. To dream that you are committing suicide is a self-imposed failure. It can also represent a desire to escape from a waking life situation. You may also have intense guilt, regret, or feelings of hopelessness in some area of your life. You may feel like surrendering to your problems or giving up fighting. Feelings about self-defeat, dropping out, or giving up. To dream of someone else committing suicide represents an aspect of your personality that beats itself up or chooses to fail. It can also reflect your feelings about a person who has changed so that you don't like it. You may feel they are a "loser" or a "failure." To dream of suicide refers to an aspect of your personality that is easily influenced by external factors in your daily life. Suicide in a dream is a sign of sacrifice. To see someone commit suicide in your dream signifies that you are trying to escape from that influence that was probably exerted on you by another person. This dream is in no way connected with suicide in real life. A suicidal dream generally occurs when the dreamer "ends" a critical phase in life. This could be a relationship, but it could also indicate a new job in life. From a conscious perspective, the dream of suicide can be associated with the symbolic process of letting go of a bad habit.

    Detailed dream interpretation of suicide

    Suicidal dreams are notoriously linked to poor self-esteem. It indicates that you need to change, but the metaphor of such a dream is associated with the end of something. It is not uncommon for these dreams to appear when one is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Sometimes in life, we suffer from massive depression. This is only natural. We all have challenges and difficulties in life, and sometimes we feel like we need a way out. Being mentally unstable in the dream suggests that "life in general" has taken its toll. It indicates that you are focused on radically changing, essentially ending what you are concerned about. When we look at suicide, we also associate the dream with how you used to be and how you are now in the future. Suicide in dreams symbolizes your need for power. Another aspect of such a dream is solving a problem by killing part of it. Suicide is associated with self-destructive tendencies that you probably have to give up. You need to ask yourself which side of your personality you should follow and what you would like to be more involved in. To dream of suicide could foretell that a project or a business is ending. Spiritually, a dream of suicide suggests that something old in your life needs to be released. It could mean giving up a harmful passion of yours. This dream can also be a warning of a change coming your way. To commit suicide in a dream indicates that a failure can happen. If others commit suicide, it predicts that people you don't know will have a strong influence on you. To see a lover committing suicide in your dream means that you will be disappointed in them and worry about their infidelity. Suicidal dreams are usually not good, as suicide can represent mental conflict. To witness a suicide in your dream can foretell the death of a loved one. Another person's suicide portends sadness and failure ahead. It can also mean that you are suffering because of your negligence, which can cause you humiliation and worry. If you commit suicide in a dream, you may be able to overcome some great danger that is coming your way, while someone else's suicide may make you feel remorse and guilt. To dream that your parents commit suicide means that you are going through a transformation in your real life because your relationship with your parents has reached a new stage. To dream about your mother's suicide can signify the "death" of your maternal or feminine aspect. Maybe you need to take care of your children more, or you feel like you'd like to get more maternal care instead of being symbolically "killed" by hurting your ego. You may have suicidal thoughts in waking life, so the dream has appeared. If you consider committing suicide, the dream could signify that you need to talk to someone about your problems.