What Does It Mean to Dream About Thunderstorm?

    What does it mean to dream of a thunderstorm?

    Dreams about storms and thunderstorms represent our own emotions. A thunderstorm usually shows itself after a thunderstorm hits. Dreams of thunderstorms carry the same interpretation as those of thunderstorms - an emotion that affects us in waking life. Some dreams construct beautiful scenarios and arouse our curiosity; on the other hand, some dreams warn us. To dream of a violent storm signifies passions out of control, while how one overcomes the storm is symbolic of a possible conflict. This conflict causes emotional stress. To dream of a thunderstorm also conveys a message of loss in business. Likewise, if you experience a thunderstorm of something unusual (such as a rain of frogs) in a dream, it shows possible hardship.

    What do storms in dreams have to do with our emotions?

    To dream of storms represents a relationship or emotions out of control. Storms can also clear the air, and you may need to think about what's holding you back in life. The storm's general condition and position must be taken into account. Storms in dreams can warn of difficult times while also symbolizing the hope for a better future. To dream of a thunderstorm also warns of angry and aggressive emotions. Feeling conflict and being inflexible may indicate that these feelings are mainly due to an event in waking life. It is time to listen to the inner self. And otherwise, dark clouds will come. Moreover, a thunderstorm with lightning portends that we must be tough on others in life. This interpretation also applies when the storm is severe: hail and lightning.

    What does a thunderstorm with heavy rain mean in the dream?

    In your dream, you can also encounter a thunderstorm with rain. If this is the case, it shows that a possible social or political event will be controlling your thoughts. People may ask for your direct or indirect involvement. To dream of a thunderstorm with heavy rain portends that luck is coming. To get into a thunderstorm, one has to shift the progress in life. On the positive side, the dream of a thunderstorm accompanied by a heavy downpour can signify upcoming delight and joy in the dreamer's life.

    What does thunder in the dream do with new hopes and new beginnings?

    A dream about a thunderstorm can also indicate that all your suffering or problems have ended. A serene and calm fresh air always follows a thunderstorm, and likewise, this dream of a thunderstorm may also be a sign of new hopes and possibilities in life.

    What does a dream of being afraid of thunder to mean?

    A dream where you are in a thunderstorm, and you are afraid, probably afraid of changes, means that you will soon resolve a conflict. The conflict resolution will come as a result of the influence of third parties, which will be crucial. If you dream of being afraid of thunder, you have forgotten to do something meaningful in the real world. We're probably talking about a task at work or an obligation that you overlooked in a hurry. You probably remember what it was the following day, so you made sure to correct your mistake. No wonder something like this happened to you, given the number of commitments you have every day. Try to transfer some of them to other people so that stress doesn't endanger your physical and mental health. To dream that your loved one is afraid of thunderstorms means they will ask you for help or advice about some problem. You make sure that you help them the best you can, but more importantly, you let them know that they have your full support, which will mean a lot to them in difficult times.

    What does it mean in the dream if everyone gets wet in a thunderstorm and you stay dry?

    It is a good sign if everyone around you gets wet during the thunderstorm while you stay dry in the dream. It means that someone who is coercive is helping you to stay away from trouble. You can say you have an excellent but secret benefactor. If it is the opposite, i.e., everyone stays dry while you only get wet, you will experience a slight disappointment in your personal life.

    What does a thunderstorm in the distance mean in the dream?

    To dream that you see a thunderstorm in the distance indicates that problems are far from you while they are present. You don't have to worry, because everything is going according to plan.

    What does a dream with a lot of thunder mean?

    If there is a lot of thunder in the dream, but the thunderstorm does not cause rain, it indicates that no one will have the courage to harm you, despite the danger. It is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night.

    What does lightning mean in your dream?

    A dream in which, in addition to thunderstorms, there are often close lightning strikes means that you will soon receive shocking news. This news will be so unexpected and surprising that you probably won't even believe your ears at first.

    What does it mean to be struck by lightning in your dream?

    To be struck by lightning in a dream could symbolize being struck by a sudden flash of insight or inspiration. This flash of inspiration can mean many things, most likely positively. You may be about to become aware of a problem in your life and how to solve it. Or maybe a new exciting creative or business idea. The flash of light can also represent your consciousness. The sudden illumination of something in your dream may prompt you to pay attention. Was your eye drawn to something in the dream when lightning occurred? Consider this symbol a critical clue when interpreting this dream.

    What does it mean to hear thunder in the dream?

    To dream that you hear thunder symbolizes sadness. You may have been feeling lonely lately, even if many people surround you. You have no one to talk to about everyday events, and it seems that people have become distant or that everyone only cares about themselves. Such findings will seem overwhelming, but you will try to preserve humanity in every moment so that you do not become like others.

    What does it mean to dream of thunder and lightning?

    When you dream of a thunderstorm followed by lightning, you will have an unexpected meeting. You will probably run into someone you had strong feelings for in the past, but you didn't stick together despite that. You have thought about what you would say after so much time has passed, but you get confused and forget every line carefully thought out because of a shock.

    What does a dream to photograph thunderstorms mean?

    To dream that you are photographing thunder and lightning means taking risks for yourself. If you have a private company, or you are the manager of a company, there is a chance that you and your team will make a decision that is not entirely safe, but it can improve the business. Since you carry a considerable responsibility, make sure you deal with all the possible consequences of such a decision on your own so that your colleagues don't have to worry.

    What does dreaming of thunder on TV mean?

    A dream in which you see thunder on TV is interpreted in contemporary dream books while old dream books do not have it. This dream represents your projection of situations you have experienced in real life. For example, if someone recently insulted you and didn't respond appropriately, the thunder symbolizes a warning coming from your subconscious to act differently next time.

    What does a dream mean to have goosebumps from thunderstorms?

    To dream that a thunderstorm gives you goosebumps is a sign that you will hear bad news. Your friend may let you know that they are dealing with financial, business, or even health problems. On the other hand, bad news may have to do with one of your family members who will be in serious trouble. You will try to be there for them as much as possible and solve the problem together.

    What does a dream mean in which others get goosebumps because of a thunderstorm?

    If you dream that someone else gets goosebumps from a thunderstorm, you may be too sensitive to other people's problems. You are an empathetic person, and sad life stories often make you depressed. You try to help the poor and sick, but you think you are not doing enough. You would like to see justice rule the world because there would be no hungry or poor people, and there would be no significant differences between the wealthiest people in the world and the poorest. However, you know that such a thing is not possible, so you do your best to help narrow that considerable gap.