What Does It Mean to Dream About Tram?

    So you dreamed of a tram?

    The tram symbolizes the road and encounters and the monotony of life and predestination. The interpretation of the tram is similar to the meaning of other forms of public transport, especially the bus. But there are also significant differences. If you remember the details of your dream, it will be easier for you to interpret your dream and get a more exact meaning. The most important of these is that the tram runs on rails, without which it cannot run. And this means that it has a certain kind of prejudice and limited freedom of choice. If you dream of a tram, you will have the same problems as the tram - you can't choose the direction you go in, everything is very normal, and you are afraid to change something. If you dream of a tram going to the station, where you are waiting, it is the sign of guests or meeting with old friends. If you stand at the tram stop in the dream and the tram stops in front of you, and you see many people coming out, you make a lot of new acquaintances. This dream promises you an upcoming exciting journey with new acquaintances going into the tram. Do not miss the opportunity to gain new impressions in life. To dream that you see a tram passing you signifies that now is the time to change something in your life. If you proceed in the same way and nothing changes, you will be stagnant in one place for a long time, both in relationships with other people and at work. To dream of a tram just standing on the rails and not moving - is a symbol that now you better not change anything in your life because all good changes come by themselves. Keep calm, don't worry or fuss, and in any case, don't break the relationship; otherwise, it may cause you disappointment and trouble. It will be difficult for you to be alone and solve all your problems independently. Dreaming that you are a passenger on a moving tram signifies working on something significant. Your work will soon be rewarded if the journey is completed and you are off the tram. If the dream ended and you were still riding the tram, you should not expect positive results from your work. To dream of a derailed tram is a bad sign. This means that all your work will collapse. Try not to start a new business in the coming days and treat previous failures with respect. See them as a learning process.