What Does It Mean to Dream About Water?

    Water represents the purification of the soul. Dreaming of water is generally a positive thing since it tells us that we are detaching ourselves from all the negative that surrounds us, abandoning the attachment to the material, and finding a balance with the spiritual. Of course, it is not always positive, but most of the time. Next, we place the most common dreams about water and its meaning.

    Dreaming that we drink water:

    A good omen in business. It means that you will do very well in everything that respects your economy, in case you are looking for a job, it will be obtained soon. Investments and projects with companies will give many benefits, so this dream advises not to hesitate in the face of new proposals and challenges that appear; the chances of being successful are very high. As for health, it means that it is very well; in case of having a problem, it indicates that it can be solved. Love is at its best, the relationship with your partner is healthy, there are no negative thoughts between the two of you, and happiness is present. It also indicates that there will be a spiritual quest soon.

    Dreaming of drops of water:

    It means that we have the ability to solve the problems to which we are going to be exposed. It tells us of a future with a lot of lack of control and chaos, but this will be lived internally and not externally; negative emotions and thoughts will be present very frequently. It warns us that severe problems can arise if we don't change the way we live. This dream is related in a profound way to the acceptance of oneself; whoever has this dream does not accept himself as he is, frequently leading him to have sadness. It also indicates that debts may arise that we will have to face but will be able to pay them.

    Dreaming of walking on water:

    It means that you will be able to get around the problems that come your way. Walking on water indicates that it will not be easy to achieve what you set out to do; there will be many difficulties that will always get in your way. If in the dream, you see yourself walking hunched over, it means that the problems will take a long time to be solved; on the other hand, if you see yourself with an upright posture, the conflicts will be solved very quickly. You have a lot of strength and will to overcome any obstacle. During sleep, if you feel afraid while walking on water, it means that you will not do very well in love, and you will re-implant many things in terms of your way of being.

    Dreaming of a lake of water at home:

    It means good luck in all things gambling. It indicates that we will soon find a lot of inner peace. It can also mean that difficulties are coming only as a test, to know if we have learned a particular lesson. As for love, if you are a single woman, it indicates that a man may soon appear in your life with whom you will fall in love.