What Does It Mean to Dream of the Number 7?

    7 is the quintessential Kabbalistic number. It represents spirituality and balance with the material in all its splendor. This symbol is strongly associated with self-esteem, belief in oneself, the occult, and curiosity.

    Dreaming that you see a number seven:

    Dreaming that you see a number seven can be interpreted in several ways. On the one hand, it indicates that you are a person with minimal self-esteem and faith in yourself. You have not learned to achieve the balance that this number is asking for. He is a timid person, loves solitude, and likes to meditate a lot. On an economic level, this dream means that while you have materialistic thoughts, you will not be able to achieve what you propose. This dream, specifically with the number 7, indicates that you must detach from the money and change your thoughts and perspective regarding him. As for love, you will not have good luck since dreaming of a seven reveals a remarkable lack of self-esteem and being a very superficial and selfish person.

    Dreaming that you see many numbers seven:

    If you dream that you see many numbers seven, you have a severe problem regarding affective or emotional attachment. Usually, this dream indicates that there is a person of the opposite sex who attracts you a lot sexually. However, this is generating in you an attachment to that person in which you will begin to feel more dependent every day, causing problems of all kinds little by little. This dream advises you to learn to relate healthily, without falling into attachment and enjoying the moment. Nor should you so unconditionally help people you do not know much because this will cause you a lot of anguish since you will not always receive the same as you provide. You must be careful with the people around you, and you may be the victim of a scam in a purchase that algae and several accomplices will be in your close circle.

    Dreaming that it appears in number seven on your forehead:

    If you dream that a number seven appears on your forehead, this is a clear indicator that you must begin to develop your spiritual side. He is a person who was born to discover and know the mysteries that the world holds, magic, and everything related to the occult will be of great interest to you. If you are male and decide on a university degree, everything related to science and philosophy will be of great use to you. You have a lot of potentials to do any job that requires reason. Precisely, this dream, at the same time, is warning you that you must stop being so reasoning and start feeling, not wanting to rationalize everything. He is an empathetic person, and injustices affect him a lot. You must be careful with the insults against you, and it may be something frequent.