What Does It Mean to Dream of Rats?

    Dreaming of rats can be something positive or negative, depending on how the dream is presented. In Asian cultures, rats have always been associated with good luck and prosperity; for example, according to the Chinese horoscope, those born under the influence of the rat have qualities such as creativity and honesty, while in Europe and especially During the Middle Ages, it was believed that they were the reincarnation of Satan. They transferred the same belief but to black cats. Next, we place the most common types of dreams with rats and their meanings.

    Dreaming of dead rats:

    Dreaming of one or more dead rats, or that one is killed, means that you fear a situation of rupture; it can be at work, sentimental, etc. It can also mean an unjustified dismissal from your job, and you need to pay attention and stay alert; someone may want to harm you and take your position. If the dead rats appear one on top of the other, it means that the obstacles will be finally overcome. The desired goals and wishes can be fulfilled. It can point to problems created by oneself, which end up having a harmful effect on oneself.

    Dreaming of a rat as a pet:

    Different meanings are usually given to this dream. On the one hand, it can mean immaturity, emotional instability, dependence on another person, and vulnerability. It can also mean a responsibility that will be given to us with respect to another, and this generally translates into caring for another person. This dream makes it clear to us that the person needs external affection to be noticed and loved. It tells us that self-esteem must be worked on; there is an extreme need to attract attention, an ego that dominates us. You are afraid of loneliness, and you avoid being alone so as not to feel bad.

    Dreaming that a rat bites you:

    There is hypocrisy, falsehood, and a possible betrayal in your social circle. It indicates that someone is waiting for the right moment to make you trip and fall into some misfortune. Usually, this dream tells us that the person who wants to harm us is very close to us; we may see him frequently. Caution is advised when doing business. If you plan to take a pleasure trip, it may indicate certain bureaucratic problems.

    Dreaming of a giant rat:

    It can be interpreted in various ways. On the one hand, it can tell us about an intense fear that we have about something specific; it indicates that we have a lot of anxiety. Fear can be for various reasons. It is also a very recurrent dream in people who suffer from hypochondria. It indicates an apparent fear of suffering from some disease, and in case we suffer from it, it indicates that we must be more relaxed to face the problem.

    Dreaming of white rats:

    If you dream of a white rat entering your house, it means that abundance will soon come into your life. As for work, it indicates a hierarchical promotion, and in love, it tells us that we are at the perfect time to find a partner.