What Does It Mean to Dream of the Person You Like?

    The people around us always directly or indirectly affect our lives. Depending on the individuals with whom we relate, our energy can be positive or negative. Always the social circle is a determining factor in achieving a certain balance. Next, we are going to place what it means to dream of the person you like:

    Dreaming that the person kisses you :

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Kissing? If the person you like appears to kiss you in your dream, it indicates that said person also has a feeling of love for you. In this case, it is recommended to encourage yourself to express your feelings to that person, since this person will also do it, and a relationship can be formed. If the kiss is passionate and lasts a long time, it means that that relationship will be formalized, but that it will last a long time. Love is at its best. If you are a man and you dream that a girl kisses you, it means that this woman has been wanting you for a long time and is waiting for you to take the first step. If you are a woman, indicate that not only have you found the right love, but it will also be the person with whom you will form a family.

    Dreaming that you talk to the person you like:

    It indicates that we are entering the infatuation phase. It is recommended not to give yourself totally to said person since this may not correspond to us. If the dialogue is short, it tells us that that person only wants a friendship relationship and nothing else. If it is prolonged, he may have other intentions and feel something for you. It can also be a sign of insecurity about expressing our feelings. It indicates certain anxiety in wanting to specify something with that person. It is recommended to go with caution since it can lead to disappointment. There may be a particular attachment and emotional dependence.

    Dreaming that you argue with the person you like:

    He warns us that the relationship would not be good if something were done with that person. If the tone of voice is high, the person in question only wants you to hang out and for a true feeling of love. There is jealousy in between and insecurities on both sides. It indicates that we are eager to find love, forgetting about ourselves. If you are a woman and you dream that you argue angrily with the boy you like, tell us that it will be a conflictive relationship marked by emotional dependence, jealousy, and control of one over the other.

    Dreaming that you make love with the person you like:

    This dream can be interpreted in various ways. On the one hand, it can indicate that soon you and the person you like will start dating. On the other hand, it can mean the release of repressed desires regarding sex, sexuality begins to be lived with greater intensity, and the taboos you have been banished, at the same time that it indicates that you will be able to fulfill specific sexual fantasies.