What Does It Mean to Dream of Vipers?

    Vipers have always been associated with betrayal. Although they also have other meanings, deception and falsehood are the main characteristics. Next, we will place the most common dreams with vipers and their meaning.

    Dreaming that a viper attacks us:

    A possible hoax will soon appear. If we are in a relationship, there is a high probability that he will be unfaithful to us or leave us for someone else. Fights and arguments will occur very frequentlyჴ€”a bad omen. If you work in a company, you may lose your position because of a lie or deception from someone who wants our ruin. He points out that our environment, the social circle, should be reviewed. There is someone we trust a lot who may have double intentions with us. Disappointments and failures will be present very soon, so this dream warns us to be psychologically prepared to face the vicissitudes. As for health, it is recommended to do some general review and a check-up to ensure that everything is fine.

    Dreaming that a snake climbs on our bed:

    It means that you are not convinced to love the person you have a relationship with. There is intense jealousy and the potent power of control over you from your partner. Infidelity may be present. It tells us that the person we are with may not really love us and only use us for their benefit. As for money, some obstacles prevent money from arriving in abundance. If you are looking for a job, this dream means that finding something for the long term will not be possible. There are fears that you do not dare to express,

    Dreaming that there is a snake in your home:

    Bad luck in your home will be present for an extended period. This dream is related to the unnecessary expenses that will arise day after day. The family economy will decline and force the household members to resort to extra jobs to obtain the necessary money to help cover expenses. Saving is recommended since huge debts can appear. It also reflects a certain inability to maintain good social relationships, and there are few or no friends. It also usually indicates a strong sexual desire that cannot be satisfied.

    Dreaming that we kill a viper:

    If you dream that you kill a viper, progress has been made in the emotional aspect. There is maturity and emotional intelligence to resolve inevitable conflicts. It indicates great mental strength and agility that can help generate positive changes for you and the environment around you. If you kill the viper in the dream, but for profit, greed is extreme in you, and money is the center of your attention. Greed can lead to new problems once the previous ones have been solved. If you kill a snake to eat it, you will do very well in business.